Sunday, August 7, 2011

Signature - The Gardens

Foot long sausage yummmmylicious.. Sharing this meal with my sissy!!! You should try this sometime  =D

Gosh, It's been an ages I didn't post about food's and makan places!!

The reason why I stopped posting about food's entry for quite some time is because of this reason, If i post more entry about food and restaurants then I need to " rajin makan this and also that " and if i eat a lot of food i will gain weight and if that happen all my clothes and also dress will grown on me and if all my clothes doesn't fit me anymore, I gotta get myself a new size of dress to wear. Well I guess some of you probably might think it's funny and not logic. You can try it to yourself if you think i'm just making story here ROFL.   

Thank god, I manage to get back my 48kg weight! SO, here I am back posting about foods entry again ha ha ha

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