Friday, August 19, 2011

OH nana whats my name Opps errors OH mama what's my name??

Have you ever asked yourself and wonder about what is the meaning to your name?? Then you’ll end up asking your parents this questions as you grow up.

Mom/dad why did they choose to given you that birth name? What does it mean to them? Does your birth name is relate to any occasions of their relationship or what? Be explained please *GRINS till ears drop lols*

But sometime when we’ll asked our parents about this childish questions not everyone of them could gives us back the answer that we wanted to hear from them right? The answers is somehow still unknown and probably it might sound kinda confusing to their children and the result is NIL,  zero and we still don't get the hidden meanings to our name right? does any of the details are match our personality as we grow up? why our parents picked billy jeans instead of macho or playgirls maybe trojan? so everyone lappy will be scared  to death to detect our details ha ha lols..lols

For instance like this; sons I don’t know what it mean I was told by your grandma and grandpa to give you that birth name the day when you are born and that’s how you got your name so you must say thanks to your grandparents for the name you have now. Lols? So you probably still don't find the answers of the meaning to your name right? ALRIGHT, stop looking for answers by asking questions to our parents cause as years comes perhaps they already forgotten about it. Don’t tension yourself looking for the answers that you cannot get ha ha ha okay chills?

Because you can always refer this small thing to Mr, Google the genius whatever questions you have in mind which not everyone could tell you the answers that you wanted to hear. Dont be shy to rub those fingers on the keyboard and fill your questions in the search box like this. 

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF YOUR NAME: THIS IS WHAT I GOT FROM Mr,Google the genius always there to help and he will never disappointed YOU!!!

Don’t know what is Google?? ZOMG, gezz dude what era did you actually born?? Cause everyone know's who is MR,Google Unless IF THAT PERSON HAVEN’T BEEN PRODUCT YET ROFL.

What about YOU do you know the hidden and secret meaning to your names? 

Try it here to find out have a great time on. 

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Anna said...

Hi, follow u back. interesting topic n thanks for the link.gonna check out my name's meaning. hehe :)

Mars Mell-o said...


thanks for reading my post :)

アヌムちゃん said...

already check mine too.thanks 4 da link^^

mars mell-o said...

@アヌムちゃん your most welcome ya :D

strategicintelligence said...

Sayang dari info yang kita baca bersama semalam kat sini nama dan tarikh lahir kita menberi makna yg berguna utk kita dan memang sudah suratan takdir jodoh kita bertemu mcm apa yg tertulis kat sini 98% betul kisah kita berdua :x

Rose Johari said...

Thanks Mello, rose pon nak try lah juga :-bd

Mars Mell-o said...

@sayang hehehe it's we are born to be together :P kan gitu sayang? mylove , my everything the one and only :-*

Mars Mell-o said...

@Rose Johari yup rose try lah best tau check pasal meaning nama, and tarikh lahir kita :D nant mello nak tgk pulak entry rose pasal nama rose ya :)

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