Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dapat pagerank 2- What is pagerank

The higher the position of the site, which means more popular pages in search engines.
To know
 the ranking of your blog or website click here .


Just now I check my pagerank for this website guess what? I got the pagerank 2 from google in 3 months!!!??  

Terkejut tengok pagi tadi macam tak percaya sebab baru 3 bulan kot guna domain sendiri kalau tak silap MAY 24, 2011 tarikh mello register domain  .  Now dah ada pagerank ROFL am I dreaming or what? It's a happy day for me though I'm still in shocked of what i see. ZOMG

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Rose Johari said...

Congrats cez mello dpt PR2!!! =) rose dah turun balik...PR1 :(

Mars Mell-o said...

rose: thanks..:D mello masih terkejut ni..btw bila pr rose turun? tadi pagerank rose still 2..???

Rose Johari said...

petang tadi...yup, dah buang dah...hehehe

Small Kucing said...


mars mell-o said...

Rose: kena rajin - rajin update blog so boleh dapat balik 1 star tu kan?

mars mell-o said...

Small kucing: arigato!! :D he he

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