Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gadget Shopping!! - Dear GOD thank you for today!!

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I've done some gadget shopping with my pumpkin today so tired my leg is paining due to too much walking but it's worth it he he he.. cause i finally decide to change from blackberry to samsung note ll.. You know mello love this symbol so much the ( ll ) ha ha i bet this note ll suited me well.
Bold for you... =D

This is mine with purple casing nice or not..??
I bought this for my sissy hope she love it!! :-) work smart okay!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gwiyomi with my kuchi - kuchi HAHAHA.. picture version

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Just another random pixies with my baby!! 

I snap this pictures a moment ago my kitty want to camwhore with me posing like silly again doing gwiyomi..gwiyomi in a picture version so funny right HAHAHA..

Anyway advance happy weekend to all my lovely readers thank you for dropping by my page yeah!! xoxo :-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Me acting silly - I'm inlove with RED!! + BLACK

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Camwhoring again nothing to do, so here I am acting silly to the maximum..

I think I'm inlove with red and black today!! 

My lipstick is RED + BLACK

My dress is RED + BLACK

My wedges is RED + BLACK



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Best sangat makan kat restaurant nie, suasana dia yang tenang sebab betul-betul dekat dengan laut yang paling best sekali makanan dia semua menyelerakan.
Ada banyak lagi lauk actually soup tom yam, omellete egg, dan ABC air dia pun sedap fruit juice tapi tak sempat nak snap gambar hahaha sebab dah lapar sangat apa lagi makan lah...!!  Lain kali nak makan sini lagilah.... I love this place.... :-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spicy sambal chicken - Meet - Long beans with coconut milk and chicken liver

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This is what i made for my dinner just now spicy sambal chicken i cooked it for my mom and sissy mom asked me where did i learned to cooked it?? then i said. I've only learned it today a short while ago using my imagination and then I laugh so hard cause she couldn't believe that I know how to cook already cause the last time what she can remember is, I only know how to eat HAHAHAHA..
Long beans with coconut milk and chicken liver

inspired by ms.nava k recipe she made the same dishes like this but the one she make is mix with prawns so I only change the prawns to chicken liver the rest of ingredient's are same. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kitty say : I'm a NO 1 BN supporter!! for kitty BN club =D

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Kitty say's : I'm a NO 1 BN supporter!! for kitty BN club

Semangat betul my kitty nie siap tunjuk muka garang lagi kerek seh!!! HAHAHAHA.. Tak dapat duduk dalam bakul PM pun takpe "AKU JANJI" tetap menyokong kata kitty.
PM love cat said kitty that's why kitty is giving support,

Those day and now winks winks - Just another random pixies

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Hello it's me again - Ha ha ha do i look different in this pictures?? oh well it's an old pixies of me wearing beige color long sleeves as I can remember I was having my lunch  at "Line Clear" penang when my pumpkin snap this pictures for me this was few years back i think. I use to be fair before I got the sunburn riding around penang island crazy huh.. And look at me in this pixies, I think I do look like mocha skincolor because of the sunburn it's served me well yeah??? that's how crazy I can be!! I dont't even care even if my skinned got burned out in the sun ROFL..
And this is me again - I took this picture while I was working and i'm wearing the same exact color which is beige just like at the above pixies, I think beige become my additional favorite color now and yeah finally I am fair again LOL ha..ha after few years waiting inside the aircond i got back my used to be skin and i'm happy about that winks - wink!!

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