Thursday, May 2, 2013

Those day and now winks winks - Just another random pixies

Hello it's me again - Ha ha ha do i look different in this pictures?? oh well it's an old pixies of me wearing beige color long sleeves as I can remember I was having my lunch  at "Line Clear" penang when my pumpkin snap this pictures for me this was few years back i think. I use to be fair before I got the sunburn riding around penang island crazy huh.. And look at me in this pixies, I think I do look like mocha skincolor because of the sunburn it's served me well yeah??? that's how crazy I can be!! I dont't even care even if my skinned got burned out in the sun ROFL..
And this is me again - I took this picture while I was working and i'm wearing the same exact color which is beige just like at the above pixies, I think beige become my additional favorite color now and yeah finally I am fair again LOL ha..ha after few years waiting inside the aircond i got back my used to be skin and i'm happy about that winks - wink!!

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Anonymous said...

tks luv you

Neel Ori said...

Hahaha tooooo cute !

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