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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Durian season is back!!

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Durian season is back, and i manage to bought some and take away back home he..he..he really love this!! my sis yang tak makan sangat durian pun jadi suka makan durian nie, sebab rasa dia manis sangat - sangat dan best!!  

Lama juga tak makan durian sebab nak tunggu musim durian tu memang lama juga la, kalau ada durian yang jual kat tepi bukit bintang tu pun rasa dia tak sama macam durian nie.

Apapun rasa macam nak makan durian lagi nie HAHAHAHA, tapi nanti dulu la kot, nanti kalau asyik makan durian aje muak pulak, sebab i nie memang jenis yang cepat muak dengan makanan. 

MacDonald prosperity meal is back!!

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Guess what...??? macdonald prosperity meal is back!! went to take away this meal last night for the first time in my whole life ha..ha..ha ain't bad, i love how the beef taste very yummylicious!! 

Honestly, I only got the chance to had this meal this year due to the last year I missed it LOL, so i decided to try it last night umph!! I feel like want to eat prosperity burger again. 

I also bought 1 piece of pineapple pie, they say it's only for limited time only so what else..?? I never want to missed it! and i tell you what, i love the pineapple pie more than the apple pie. Even my kitty cat love the pineapple pie too, the funny part is she steal all my pie ha..ha..ha what a smart baby!!

And I have a new favorite for sundae now beside from chocolate sundae, I love the new sundae flavors of joy butter scotch it's taste soooooo UmmMPH...!! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kerang bakar time+Satay+Soup ekor = Rasta

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Lepaking with my sissy again here's some of our favorite food

 pixies we love all of them it's delicious!! 

Nak tau tak yang paling sedap mana satu..?? semuanya sedaplah!! suka sangat kerang bakar dia fresh, soup ekor dia pun sama begitu juga sotong kangkung nie. Kalau nak tahu kat rasta nie semuanya ada tak rugi makan kat tempat nie murah pun murah!! :)

Check this place sometime @RASTA TTDI DAMANSARA 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Deli Thai - USJ

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Oh, so long didn't had somtam the other day me and my sissy also my aunt decided to had thai food somewhere around USJ the food there aint bad all the meal are delicious also no need to wait for so long for everything to get serve that's what I like the most!! 

Fried rice for me and my auntie and the other meal is for my sissy forget what is called hahahaha, all i have in my mind is to eat the somtam you see i'm so hungry liao!! overall all food are yummy and cheap also cheaper!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mcdonald chicken foldover fever is back!!

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I’m  a fan of Mcdonald chicken foldover and this is how Mcdonald chicken foldover look’s like!! If I’m not mistaken for lunch time McValue  set they serve you a little cheaper but at limited time only for RM9.95!!

And for limited time only I foresee that I will be eating this more and more than anything else for the weekdays lunch and dinner OMG!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I love fried noodles!!

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Whoa, I think it’s been so long since I last posted about food  he..he well I’m on diet that’s the reason why I stop posting about food and restaurants.

After all I’m kinda busy with work lately no time to blog about things I been doing lately.

Anyhow here’s a pictures of my favorite fried noodle,I cook it myself I’ll mixed it with vegetables, chicken and prawns umph!! I love it so much.

Mom, teach me how to cook this meal last time yummy~~!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort - Johor Bahru

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Here we go again food haunting me, my sissy, myhun and his friends wen't to this restaurant it's somewhere around JB took an hour and half to drove here it's kinda far away from town you wanna know some funny part? we all "sesat jalan" for few time's only we all manage to find this restaurant ha ha ha.

Have your pick!! all are fresh LOL, what you want? prawns, crabs, fish?? but gotta remind you all about the price he he he, it's quite affordable cheap also cheaper no worries.
I wonder what is this, look weird!! i never seen this before you know this the first time seeing this type of weird shape seafood any of you have try this before?
Here come's the food fuhhh.. chillies crabs, small squid masak nyonya sause, lala fried with curry leaves and butter prawns yummylicious I love them all, specially the small squid masak nyonya sauce perfecto!!

The stim fish is the best of all, vege and the salted egg crabs are very tasty!! yeahh. I almost forgotten to write down here, guess what i wanna say? they have a karaoke at every V.I.P room means you can sing - a - long or listen to music while enjoying your food! Isn't great? chillaxing right!! Overall I would say that we all love the food here!! you should try check this place sometime!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lontong for breakfast

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Long time I didn't have lontong for breakfast!! honestly I seldom it's this type of food cause it's too much of santan but once in awhile I can't resist to have it ha ha ha why? cause it taste so delicious umph!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's snacks time yummyness

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My sis bought me an ice cream yummy one for me and one for her, mine is haagen-daaz vanilla her's is milo cause she love choco flavor!! My kitty also busy looking for something to bite LOL.

See what she was doing on the pictures? she is biting all the "keropok" lah..

Thursday, December 29, 2011

And when the "dots" is going on and on, that is why I just smile

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It's difficult to find a friend who could be with us through good times nor bad times some never realize what they have done to someone till one day the same thing had happened to them. Well to me i've never forgot my friends I inbox them or whatever it's just happened i get tired of waiting for them to reply, i have no rules in friendship, I make friends with anyone it doesn't matter what religion they are is, cause they're human as well. But when "friends" who i once cared never even bother to asked me how am i doing or so, well...then be it!!!

Judge me whatever you thought I am and what i've might be cause I have a feeling's too the same like YOU, THEM, THEY~~~!!!! to once so called friend i bet you gotta think harder, and harder before you make a wrong judgement..

I do forgive and forget love me or hate me I am being myself I dont mean to pry or whatsoever but I'm telling the facts!! "IF" you wanna act like I wasn't even exist in your life go on, you wanna blamed me for some jokes which I have said and you've just trying to put it so hard on your selves then carry on!!
Bluntly telling you, I feel terribly sad of how you react and behave!! You doesn't even call until I try to call you many times, you does not reply back my inbox like I did some mistakes that made you felt offended?? Hello, common please try to act and think like an adult for a seconds or two, now tell me who is forgetting whom anyways huhh..??

I have try my best to be a good "bestfriends and besty's" to YOU, I stand by your side when you in needed, and I paint a smile on your face when you we're upsets. Now can you tell me where the heck have you been when I needed someone to console me? does it hurt to say hai back in return or just dropped me some greetings in my wall to remind me that you've never forget me because you we're there for me even though you're far away from my side.

Am i biting people anyway or some monsters that probably make you scared away from dropping me some words? well i bet you found a "new friend" as well and your new friends make you even more happy than I am right? and then you've just forgotten about your old friends here who been there for you whenever you are in needed, a friend who been there for you even when you are happy or sad, a friend who always console you when you're others friends doesn't even have time to cheer you, DUH.  
You think you're the only one who is hurt here? You even forget to wish my birthday on my special day, but not your "friends of friends" special occasions right!? Yeah, I've do know that one more step closer you're gonna get all your dreams though!! But honestly to be clear to you I'm not the one who forgot my friends in this case.

Does it hurt some ass to apologize for what have they done? unless "their" ego is higher than mount everest and amazon!! I bet so. Now lastly dont be sad about what i have wrote here, Im telling my feeling so you understand why all this is happening.

Love me or hate me I am just being me. God blessed you always and no matter what I would still be there as a friend dot dot dot dot!! that is why I just smile :-)

Friday, December 9, 2011

I love auntie anne's pretzel perfect with super hot choc's!!

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My breakfast this morning I had auntie anne's pretzel my hun bought it for me last night but I didn't ate it cause I sleep very early. Normally I had my dinner before 7pm cause after that I only drink water. This morning I wake up I heat the almond inside the oven for few seconds before I ate it. I love to eat it while it's hot it's delicious yummeyhhhhhh...
While i was having my almond this morning I remember I use to pair my breakfast with this super hot choc's made by myself. Ha ha ha but since I stop buying marshmallow I had my almond with "ice tea layer" next time i'm gonna buy cadbury hot chocolates and marshmallow yeahhh.. I really miss my favorite drinks of all time Ooooh <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love vegetables and fruits

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Maybe some of you probably wondering what type of  food i ate nowadays to replace the rice, fish and those kind of food that cooked with oil. 

1. caesar salad  - I love vegetables so much ya, and I'll chose this food to replace the rice because it's not a heavy meal and it does make me full although I only taken a small portion of it beside vege's is good for health.

2. Grapes -  they say fruit's is good for our body and i do believe that fruits can also gives us energy well I don't want to look pale and unhealthy though I'm on diet because no matter how skinny you are but when you are unhealthy it's no point to keep on dieting you may fall sick and I don't want that to happen to myself!

3. Apple - yeah  for a reason that I can't eat the same food everyday so to replace the grapes I ate apple instead besides from the vitamin i'll get from it, well apple is also a fruits like grapes and it will gives an extra nutrions to my body.  

Also dont forget drink water atleast 6 glass a day or 8 glass a day and try to take less taking of sugar drinks ya like soft drinks or anything that is sweet and etc. Otherwise it's no point to be on diet eh, the weight wont go down but go up ha ha..

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jonker Sweets - The Garden

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Semalam myhun bawa mello pergi garden makan dessert kat Jonker Sweets ramai betul orang makan kat sini sampaikan semua table pun full gosh nasib baik ada lagi satu table kosong untuk kitorang kalau tak kena tunggu orang habis makan baru boleh duduk ha ha.

Honeydew Lolo & Bubur gandum nie best sangat!! lain kali macam nak datang sini lagi lah he he

Friday, September 30, 2011

Food random

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Hari tu my sissy beli persian menu sandwhich nie kat restoran arab entah lupa nak tanya dia apa nama restaurant tu, ha ha ha tapi tengok la sandwhich ni besar giler LOL.
Mello pulak makan OldTown Chicken Hor Fun sedap and Gula melaka Cincau Soya Freeze!!!
 Yummy =D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love MCDONALD hotcakes

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Took this picture while me and myhun was having breakfast at home together yesterday morning.

Mello suka sangat makan hotcakes dan hash browns! yummy!  ha ha tapi pagi tu myhun makan nasi lemak. Mello dengan adik mello kerjakan hotcakes sampai habis.

Coffee for you and milo ais for me!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chawan - Bangsar village

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Look!! another awesome place we've found here in bangsar village this restaurant is called chawan kinda unique name right? he he he what attract me to enjoy the food here is the atmosphere of this place is pretty relaxing you know. 

The food is also good here the nasi briyani will filled your hungry tummy with satisfactions ha ha just look at the size of this plate isn't big?  

Asam Laksa ain't bad I still love it..
Asam pedas for my sissy umph..
Lastly we go for this ha ha ha cucur udang and keropok lekor nice.

 You should check out this place sometime!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lepaking At Papparich

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Yummylicious!!! I'm lovin' it Umph.. =P

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meriahnya pasar ramadhan kat kampung sungai penchala

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Jalan - Jalan cari makan kat kampung sungai penchala meriahnya pasar ramadhan kat sini ramai betul orang datang beli makanan untuk buka puasa tengok lah sendiri kereta yang parking kat tepi - tepi jalan ni? banyak betul kereta kan? sampai jammed juga bila nak balik dari sini nasib baiklah ada jalan shortcut ha ha ha tak lah sangkut jammed sangat. 

Macam mello kenal aje someone yang tengah jalan kat tepi parking ni? who ya? Phewiiiiiiiiit boleh kenalan? Hai..nama saya mars mello can i know you?  LOL

Round 1. beli bubur manis kat mak cik ni.. best!!
Round 2. beli nasi ayam pulak adik mello suka sangat makan nasi ayam. 
Round 3. Beli caramel cake sedap tau yummylicious mello love this so much.
Round 4. beli nasi campur dan lauk - lauk yang menyelerakan ha ha.
Round 5. wajib kena beli sedap tau ikan bakar ni.
Round 6. Laksa!!! favorite mello shhhh nak tahu satu rahsia tak? laksa yang adik nie jual yummy betul sampai dua kali mello datang pasar ramadhan ni sebab nak beli laksa.
Round 7. beli kuih opp's hampir lupa nak letak gambar ni.

Memang best jalan - jalan kat pasar ramadhan!! Thanks hun for taking me to this place. =D

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zuan Yuan - 0ne world hotel bandar utama damansara

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Last week myhun bawa mello pergi bazaar ramadhan minggu ni dia bawa mello berbuka puasa kat restoran ni pulak iaitu Zuan Yuan lokasi restoran ni terletak dekat one world hotel bandar utama damansara. Actually Zuan Yuan is a chinese food restoran but no worry cause it's pork free makanan kat sini semuanya halal dan ramai juga orang muslim yang berbuka puasa kat restoran ni, walaupun makanan kat Zuan Yuan lebih kepada konsept chinese tapi oleh kerana bulan puasa dan ramai juga orang-orang islam yang makan kat restoran ni makanan traditional malay pun turut disediakan tau? buffet kat sini satu kepala dia charge rm88 ringgit boleh makan sepuas-puas hati yang kita nak, that means eat as long as you can la kan? kalau dah tak larat nak makan jangan paksa perut tu untuk makan lagi nanti nak jalan balik rumah pun susah LOL.

Our table he he, mello tak duduk meja yang besar - besar lagipun makin besar meja makan tu makin banyak lah makanan yang akan di order nanti baik duduk table yang kecik sedang - sedang aje lagipun mello takut nak makan banyak sangat makan sikit - sikit aje. Nanti kalau terover makan baju kebaya untuk raya nanti tak muat pulak kan? HA HA HA tak gitu?
Antara satu menu yang kitorang order ala cart yang mello ingat nak snap actually ada banyak lagi makanan tapi mello tak ambil gambar pun lupa lols sebab masa tu dah lapar sangat belum sempat nak ambil gambar kitorang terus makan aje!! 
Ketupat pun ada tau kat chinese restoran ni.
Dessert dia pun ada macam - macam jenis cake ada, jelly ada dan banyak lagi lah makanan yang sedap - sedap kat zuan yuan ni, mello cuma upload gambar yang mello sempat nak resize aje untuk entry kali ni.
Sebab ada banyak gambar lagi yang mello belum buat so for this post mello share this pictures only ya?

You can check this place sometime!!! =) love it..yummylicious..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bazaar Ramadhan Jln. Sentul

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Hari tu myhun bawa mello pergi bazaar ramadhan jalan sentul sebab mello nak sangat pergi bazaar ramadhan boleh beli makanan kegemaran mello he he iaitu laksa!!! masa tengah jalan-jalan dengan myhun nampak gerai makcik ni,  myhun tanya nak beli tak? mello jawap nak, nak, nak!! itukan makanan favorite sayang? so myhun pun cepat-cepat belikan mello laksa yay!! masa makcik ni tengah siapkan laksa yang myhun beli sempat lagi dia tanya makcik laksa ni sedap tak? tentu lah makcik tu akan jawap sedap kan? kalau tak macam mana nak berniaga ROFL makcik ni pun jawap dah 6 tahun dia berniaga laksa kat situ setiap tahun bulan ramadhan dia menjual laksa kat tempat sama.  Tapi memang sedap lah laksa makcik ni rasa sekali nak lagi dan lagi!!! :)
Ayam percik ni pun sedap first time mello makan ayam percik ha ha ha sebelum ni asyik makan western food ataupun japanese food and chinese food aje. Masakan melayu jarang makan. Tapi sejak kenal myhun dia lah yang ajar mello makan masakan traditional malay he he lucu tak?? thanks hun sebab ajar sayang makan malay food. 
Sup power?? wow lepas minum soup ni berganda lah power kan?? LOL
rasanya tak perlu mello bagi tahu macam mana rasa otak-otak ni kan? sebab setahu mello rasa otak otak kat malaysia ni semuanya sama aje ha ha ha cuma beza dia ada yang sedap dan ada yang entah rasa dia tak boleh nak describe LOL.

Apapun bestlah jalan-jalan kat bazaar ramadhan banyak makanan yang pelik-pelik mello tak pernah rasa contohnya sayur daun ubi masak santan campur tempoyak@!!! first time dalam seumur hidup makan tempoyak, huhu mello tak boleh tahan lah rasa dia bukan mello aje yang kata macam tu myhun pun tak tahan dengan rasa tempoyak tu, sampai mello tak habis-habis tanya myhun kenapa rasa tempoyak memang macam tu ke?? ROFL myhun pun tak tahu nak jawap mello macam mana HA HA HA


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