Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort - Johor Bahru

Here we go again food haunting me, my sissy, myhun and his friends wen't to this restaurant it's somewhere around JB took an hour and half to drove here it's kinda far away from town you wanna know some funny part? we all "sesat jalan" for few time's only we all manage to find this restaurant ha ha ha.

Have your pick!! all are fresh LOL, what you want? prawns, crabs, fish?? but gotta remind you all about the price he he he, it's quite affordable cheap also cheaper no worries.
I wonder what is this, look weird!! i never seen this before you know this the first time seeing this type of weird shape seafood any of you have try this before?
Here come's the food fuhhh.. chillies crabs, small squid masak nyonya sause, lala fried with curry leaves and butter prawns yummylicious I love them all, specially the small squid masak nyonya sauce perfecto!!

The stim fish is the best of all, vege and the salted egg crabs are very tasty!! yeahh. I almost forgotten to write down here, guess what i wanna say? they have a karaoke at every V.I.P room means you can sing - a - long or listen to music while enjoying your food! Isn't great? chillaxing right!! Overall I would say that we all love the food here!! you should try check this place sometime!!

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Nava.K said...

Goodness me, I am drooling esp over the crab.s

Small Kucing said...

Sobs...i wanna cdry look so all my FAVOURITE food there!!!

mars mell-o said...

@Nava.K the crabs taste really good my sister love the crabs too!!

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucingdont cry mamarazzi lets go for seafood after chinese new year :D

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