Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chillax time at macdonald - summit USJ Part #1

Went to summit USJ with my sissy today when we first reach there we've went to check out my auntie shop and see if she's still around. My sister told me that she missed her luckily when we got there at her shop she's still there packing up things and preparing to close the shop and go back home LOL. At first we thought she's not there cause before leave home we did try to called her many times but she didn't picked up ha ha ha. I'll asked my auntie why she didn't answer the call?? then my aunt explain to us  that her mobile phone was on silent mode and she didn't realize that there's an incoming call.

Whoa, my auntie gain some weight already unlike the last time we've met her she lose lotta weight and I nearly cant recognize her he he he.  This time we've just chillax at macdonald cause there are not much restaurant opened due to the CNY celebration probably alot of people "balik kampung".  Makan jangan tak makan plak if not i'll get angry like angry bird ha ha ha.. cause the threat is on me okay!!

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