Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crazy about PS3 game rawwwwwwrrrrr

Myhun bought me a PS3 long time ago but I have no time to play it cause due to I preferred to spend my time blogging than playing games. But lately i feel so boredom and don't know what to do beside from being unemployed I try to keep my self busy by doing things that occupied my time rather than doing nothing LOL. 

All this game disc are still cover with plastics ROFL still in new condition myhun bought it for me last time but I've no time to play it. Until today early this morning only I was so diligent and play all this game LOL. Soon I can't play games anymore nor blogging due to I'm gonna start working yeahhhhh. Now it's the perfect time to waste all my time chilling and blog about the things I do.. *winks winks*
Here's some list of the game I like :)

1. Prince of persia

2. God of wars

3. The godfather

4. Midnight club

5. Resident evil

6. Taken

7. Ninja gaiden ll sigma

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Small Kucing said...

no wonder long time tarak see you blog la...used to be daily

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing ha ha ha.. switch to another hobby mamarazzi, got so many games to play :D if i dont play now dont know when can... cause it's been so long i have all this game but i never play them infact still in new condition leh, all this game.. baru nak rasmikan :D

Nava.K said...

I am more into blogging and have not interested in this but my hubby will simply love playing these games because this is how he relaxes during weekends and he can go on for hours.

mars mell-o said...

@Nava.K thats so true about what you say can go on for hours he he he he but some people play games till next days and rofl.. game addict :D

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