Friday, January 27, 2012

Winks Winks :-)

How do I look eh?? nampak macam kelakar plak, minum air bunga pun sempat lagi berposing LOL thank's hun for capturing this pixies!! I like.... 

My facebook friends asked me about my age, then I told her to guess she said i look like twenty years old LOL ha ha ha really?? am I look that young?? anyway i'm old already ha ha I'm gonna be 26 yrs old this year ROFL.. hu hu, okay juga nampak muda walaupun umur dah tua kan kan kan??

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Anonymous said...

Nice ;)

Patrick Star said...

bg la tips awet muda...ngee

Salam kenal ;)
Jom rilek-rilek di Belog Patrick Star

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