Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dream a better dreams..

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There is nothing good playing
Time works a great changes,
There is no way to happiness,
Happiness is the way..

The GOOD The BAD and The UGLY

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Did someone break your heart you try to fix it but you can't WHY?

Are they because he/she left some marks insides your heart? because you know it's just too impossible for you to cure those scars. No matter you do everything to heal the pain which is hurting you deep insides but you just can’t do it by your own.


REASON: because you feel the pain whenever you think of what he or she had done to you even your tears will starts to fall, cause to forget is seem's not so easy. Then you asked yourself this question over and over again


Does it hurt's you when you do that..

Now asked yourself are they worth that so much value for you to shed your tears? cause you know that you'd die for them and do anything for them. Does they die and shed a tears for you as well? cause you know that you would do everything and whatever it takes to protect and defend your relationships from anyone who's trying to separates the two of you.

But are you that important to them..

You don't know the only thing you know is how much important they are for you.
They truely means something to your life no? If they're wasn't you probably won't be wasting your time and a single tears for someone which is not even involves on you.

Because it's you and only your ownselves who could figured out all the answers to all of those questions inside your mind perhaps they're really means alot for you and you love them more than anything else in this world.

Now try asked yourself this one simple questions did he/she ever loves you? If he/she does why the two of you had to broke up and give up the relationship?

Should you tortured your self giving love to someone who doesn’t even care about what you feel? should you waste your time thinking about the pain which he/she left inside you? Why waste your time on loving someone who doesn’t even treasure the love which you have given to them?

Because love is the dream that we live in life and one must makes one partner part of that dream by finding out what his/her primary love is and give it to that person
that is love.

And if you still doubt about something asked yourself again..

Do he/she know about your feelings towards him/her?

Do he/she have the same feelings towards you?

You wasn't even sure about the answers because you're not even pretty sure about what is your position in his/her heart and also to the actual stand's of your relationships. By the end of the day you turned yourself over into disappointments and frustratrations on making guess and assumptions.

Is this LOVE or HATE?

Here’s are the seven ways and things to do on how to solved the equations in your mind.

  1. Forget about all the bad things that he/she did to yourself the more you think of how pain it was the more painful and worst they becomes.
  2. What you need to do is think of how to overcome them and if it's possible do whatever it takes you to feel better and always feel good about yourself.
  4. Note your self that you are not alone theres always someone out there which is made for you, maybe you still haven't found the right one yet.But who knows they're just around you and they're only waiting for you to notice them.
  5. Keep telling this words to yourself perhaps god want’s you to experience all those hurtings in early stages so in future you will learned how to be strong.
  6. Choose to be happy and take sometime out from the relationships that merry-go-round of break-ups and make-ups try more to focus on what you want and think about what you actually want, and need in order for you to be happy. Beside love isn’t name of to think about someone it’s feelings and emotion.
  7. Move on and learned how to live without him/her cause life must go on and no matter how bad things is theres always a brighter tomorrow.

The last thing I wanna say held those chins UP!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Till the shiny day..

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It was one fine shiny day darkie was alone in his house he'd decided to go outside for a walk at the park and it's somewhere near the garden where he use to picked some flowers cause it's been a quite sometime and not long ago he never been into garden anymore since darkie have nothing much to do on that day he'd made up his final decision and walked over through the garden. It was then when suddenly there's something pull his attention to walked further behind at the garden he saw a same wooden chair that made him re-called back about some of the old memories that he is trying to forget .

"i remember this chair i use to sat here when i'm down", said darkie to himself and then he sat over for awhile on the chair he was thinking of the moment he was there before and smile to himself as soon he stood up from the chair because it is a decisions from him for not to stay there long. Well, guess it's time for him to leave he said.

But there was something that pass him by as he'd saw a reflection and he was very unsure about what he see.   So darkie decided to stay for awhile and he waited for a moment until he saw this young girl running and it's kinda shocked him for awhile cause at first he thought that she was running toward him.

As  fast as lightning she moves like a shooting star she is like an object that suddenly fall from the sky darkie look at her with wonder in his mind and he seems confused about what he see. How did she's get into the garden? he asked himself  for not many years ago as far as he know and what he can remember once awhile when he want to had sometime for himself  he'd always came there and the little that he knows that there are not many and not much people knew about the garden.Then he'd try to made a guess and said to his self , she shouldn't be in this place!! it's not safe to leave her alone and wandering at the garden as he was walking over he'd knew that she was aware about his presence "i'm sorry for disturbing " said darkie the first words that came out from his mouth because he seem's nervous to get closer and the thing that worried him that his unpleasant presence might scared her away perhaps it is better for him to leave said darkie to himself or maybe not he should wait there awhile probably she might talk to him or maybe not so it's time for him to leave Ok, im leaving now said darkie.

But suddenly slowly she looked up to him and it is a good response for him when she look at him with a friendly smile yet he know that she was only forcing herself to smile for he could see that there was something in her eyes. Darkie saw a little sparkle at the corner of her eyes he saw a tears no matter how she'd try to hide those tears and wipe them she may not be able to lie to him. Oh my! "darkie said" it's too dangerous to leave this young girl here all alone and the thing that worried him if she might done something that will probably hurt herself darkie was talking to himself and he make a little guess.

She looks unhappy and seem's like she's in a heartbroken recovery and he debate in his mind probably she need someone to talk right now, he said" hmmm.. but where should he start? and what if she's not talking to him as he remind himself that his only a stranger who's probably happen to see her there but he just wanted to help and if there is something that he could do for her. darkie was almost giving up "hmmm... " he said to himself fine just be it!! and slowly make his move and he told her that his going to leave soon.

But there was something pulling himself to go closer and this time it's like a strong magnet pull him to get closer and brave himself to talk to her. Darkie was a little nervous should i or shouldn't he'd asked himself but where should he begin and how if ? uhhh!! said darkie as he murmured at his self to stop assuming said darkie again forget about what will happen next just try to talk to her probably she will listen.

Would you mind if i sat here for awhile? darkie asked if it's alright for her but incase his presence is only disturbing her he will leave for he must respect her owned privacy and promise that he wont be disturbing her anymore said darkie"
I'm sorry don’t get him wrong he said cause he just thought of asking her that what she's doing there, why are you here? asked darkie aren't you afraid sitting here all alone? he said as he'd try to understand her situation, what bring you up to this lonely garden? asked darkie and then he told her not to frown and not to feel sad.

You should held that chins up!! said darkie and then smile to her and tell her some good advise just to make her happy. Hey...there young girl forget about that worries life was meant to be happy not to be sad and lonely do you know that it's not safe for a young girl like you to sat in here all alone? there might be a lot of danger and unexpected thing will happen to yourself although we never ask for it said darkie.

Why not let's walked out from this place? asked darkie come with me and let's take a look around said darkie. I wanna show you something and don’t be afraid he said as he trying to convince her not to worry anything for he would never do any harm to her. Trust me you will like that place said darkie after that he smile's to her did you see that wall? darkie asked and he told her that not far behind the huge wall there's a lot of beautiful flowers and there’s also lot's of beautiful things you can see there come let's walk over there with me said darkie.

As they both walking towards the huge wall darkie told her that he use to go to the garden sometimes but it was before said darkie then he asked her to picked any flowers she'd like and he told her not to feel shy cause she could keep them as a small gift from him, said darkie " she look at him again and this time darkie said at last! to himself for the first time he finally manage to make her smile and that was the first time he saw her smiling at him ever-since he saw her at the first place.

It's been a very kind of you she said to darkie thank you for taking me here i like this place she'd smile's at him and she thanks him for being nice to her. You're most welcome young girl said darkie while he was also look happy to himself cause she's finally talking to him so it was quiete for sometime they decided to sat over for a moment darkie look at her again and this time she looks so natural with her beautiful smiling face and she seems happy now he said to himself as he look upon her wide shining eyes he was driven unto his day dream his kinda speechless and out of spoken for a moment cause he still have some wonders in his mind what's bring her there? she should've been here he said." And he'd make guess again and said to himself that she should have be at some place with her friends probably at home with her family not at this place as he tell it to her spontaneously."

It's been sometime he never visited the garden, said darkie" seems no one really like to come here specially a young girl like her though he could tell that she is not the only person who's probably happen to pass around but that was the first time he saw her there i'm glad to see you happy, he said. As they both sat at the chair he told her that he use to spend sometime sitting there all alone at the same wooden chair most of the time in the evening before the sunset's turned into dawn but before he finish saying his sentence suddenly she asked him something.

"You haven't tell me your name? she asked him and softly he could hear her voices whispering talking to him and he was quite confused because he heard that voices before yeah her voices and his a bit stunned when she stand up and picked the red roses from the basket's she's awakened him from his day dreaming for a quite sometime he still looks confused to himself and with wonders in his mind "I'm sorry again said darkie i didn’t hear you just now she look at him and smile and she repeated asking him "you haven’t tell me your name Oh!! ya, darkie said pardon me for i forget to introduce myself to you at the first place.

I'm darkie he said and then the both of them shook their hands.

I'm whitey "call me whitey that’s my name she said."

It's been very nice to meet you here said whitey but shockingly when they both say the same sentence at the same time i'm sorry said darkie we just say the same sentence at the same time so the two of them smile to each other.

Ouch! said whitey to him , well what a big co-incedent and laugh while darkie said "yeah" the only words he said as he was trying to be cool and pretend that his not nervous at all cause he seem's confused that he hear her voices before and those voices still lingers in his head. It's almost dark tell whitey" and the sun almost dawn said darkie to her guess it is time for you to go back whitey and he told her not to feel sad anymore cause she deserves to smile and always be happy said darkie.

"Till we meet again whitey" as he'd try to remind her again i will said whitey that she always remember what he say and when times permit's she'll hope to see him again someday till we meet again darkie"! and so the two of them leave the garden happily.

will whitey and darkie meet again? Till the shiny day. 

Written by: ZaarahJasmin "The Mars Mello"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day in my life..

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Everyday of my life

Has been proved shiny and bring luck

But when we dont get this

It wont bring any meaning except loyalty

Cus we dont see things as they are

See them as we are

He who speak the truth must've one foot in stirrup

Love is name of giving and not taking any from love ones

It does not ask for any acknowlegement or any return..

Till the shiny day..

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There was a young lady called whitey who once had the same journey with a darkie.Whitey went through the path that bring her fall at the cave In silence she asking oneself how is it that i strayed from the garden and seem to this trap i have fallen?

Voices whispering Hey! there.. lonely girl you are not alone; we went through the same path that bring you here and the path you went through allow us being together at the same cave. By chance it's god make it happened.

You have to carry on the walk through the dark cave ,don't be afraid; said darkie, I will be there for you to lead you out from the dark cave.By touching the wall even it's too dark i will try to do the best i could and bring you out of the darkness back to the shine.

Once you see the light of the sun shine from the cave that is the way out of yourself. By time you need no more hunting for lights no more darkness.You can now jump with laughter's and have your happiness always remember never forget the journey in the darkness of a cave we went through I'll be seeing you from the cave waving goodbye. Till the shiny day whitey!
“But why it's always goodbye in the end, Even if there is a shine to light up the way" Darkie don't you know that it is hard to wave goodbye..? Till the shiny day

Monday, September 14, 2009

Words of wisdom..

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Now im feeling like a baby with no worries

And like a powerful man with a positive thinking

I'm both I'm both

Becouse they are not prepared to say

They are born from same great feelings..

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Should I or shouldn't I..

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Should I stay..
Should I leave..?
Should I hate..
Should I love..?
Should I disobey..
Should I listen..?
Should I be nice..
Should I be heartless..?
Should I be kind..
Should I be cruel..?
Should I be afraid..
Should I be strong..?
Should I be sad..
Should I be happy..?
Should I cry..
Should I laugh..?
Should I let my emotion
rules myself and just do what I want..?
Should I just stop asking myself,
what should I do now ,
and what shouldn't I do..?
Should I just listen to what the voices
in my head saying to me..?
But i end up smiling and smiling
for what should I have to say the next..
Should I continue..
Should I stop..?
Should I.. or shouldn't I..?
Where should I begin again
and where should I end..?
Should I.. or shouldn't I..?
What would you do
if you we're in this situation right now..?
Would you do something or just let it be,
and then you started with your own riots..?
Will you..? would you..?
Should you or shouldn't you..?
What do you think..?
Cus i'm confused i have no clue and I don't know,
what am i suppossed to do..
What to do!! Oh.. what to do!!?!!

What about you..?
Do you have any options and any clue..?

The choices is in your HAND..


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What is soulmate does soulmate exist? myth or truth or somehow it's only an illussion
Meeting a soulmate can happened everywhere it's not impossible.

As long as both has a strong insight and connection
between a two-person are there.
But how if both get along at each other in unexpected way
will the two realised that they are meant to be as one
that is so-called soulmate.

Does soulmate only do after marriage what about those
who are not married and just get along is there any possibility
that it can be they have found at each other soulmate.

Some people will always deny that they already found their soulmate,
Cus they expected for something better and they keep on searching
for a better soulmate.That is why some of them missing out the
expected thing without realising a soulmate that they've keep searching 
for all this time is just infront of their eyes.

And the mind that always deny to oneself until they missed the
opportunity to know their partner and love ones well cus there are
people who never satisfied they keep searching and searching until
they ditch themselves into triangular love situation rectangular or
square and many shipped-shaped of relationship cus they keep
looking for better a soulmate.

Love message..

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To love or to be in love- the choice may come to all of us

Which both ways may leads us to the same end

In time- through pain when happiness mean bondage

No one can deliberately choose their will

When she or he is not ready to accept

Every happiness would mean to us

We learn to live for a time at least with this choice

Which not everyone have a courage to make they're choice

God created us a free will to choose someone

That we are willing to accept

Someone that is able to give us true happiness and everlasting love

In life a good choices never comes twice..

Free will..

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Nothing is perfect

Everything has it's own defect

For love to be true love

It has to be something we freely choose to give

Love that is force or demand

Is not real love

For GOD created everyone with free will..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


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Some people are universally beautiful

and some people are beautiful only to those that love them

Love changes beauty when you love a truly person

they cease to be perfect and you love them more

because you and only you know their flows

That's what makes them yours the secret of the flaws

And when you love for want of a better word

An ugly person they become beautiful to you

That's part of the love the fact that you know they are beautiful

People features changes when you love them

They became precious and once you really know them

have held that face close and kissed every bit of it

You'll never recapture how it looked to you the first time you saw it

But sometimes you see a face for the first time and know

that is the face for you and sometimes

A face just grows on you and there it is in your life

and your days would be empty without it..

Love is..

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Don’t dream of with open eyes believe in reality it’s FATE what you are they will find the same. Life is unfair sometime we become suspecious about everybody just becouse of some bad experience or mishappen that we dont want to do trust in somebody WHO is even deserved to be trusted but we can't understand intentionally.

When this true about those who love someone but are introvert, second about those whom love'd ones know everything but they are underestimated for some nonsense reasons. How can they say Love will find you? love find way its up to you? how can we carry on those way? let us say if somebody loves you how would you become sure it really does?

It find someone to proceed cus they going right in some aspects It's rare to get someone love in this materiallistic era , hardly we get this innocent spirits this mean they are not sure about love may come back but is right to feel about love ,Cause love is called to be the name of feelings emotions..

Saturday, September 5, 2009


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Irama rindu yang hanya menanti di jambatan jauh..

Aku ini insan dalam perubahan..

Aku ini jauh dari kesempurnaan..

Tapi pada kemenangan menyala jiwa..

Rindu tertipu dengan manis perjanjian..

Masih di dalam serba warna ketakutan..

Sekarang singkirkan semua bicara..

Friday, September 4, 2009

The question..

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Why something good can hurt so bad..?

Do you have any indifference?..

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WE all know the opposite of love isn't hate;

It's indifference the opposite of art isn't uglyness;

It's indifference the opposite of faith isn't heresy;

It's indifference and the opposite of life isn't death;

It's also indifference the opposite of friendship isn't enemy;

It's also indifference,

Do you have any indifference?

Tell me what is your indifference;

Let me tell you my indifference is YOU!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Truth of lie..

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Lie was never a friend to me

Lie was my enemy

Lie was the reason of my failure in life

Lie was the reason of every tears drop from my eyes

Lie has thought me the value of each word

And now i've learned to speak only the truth..

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Love is..[[?]]

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A true love will not brings us tear

No matter if we won them or not

It's not a game anymore

Love also can be differenciatted into love for marriage and all

No matter if they are oppossite sex

Or some love is also a kind of love

Gays and lesbians are there to say this aloud

Though people dont share their own identities

They share their feelings online

So that is also a kind of love

They cheat people for their beloved ones

So love can also lived behind cheating

If they cheat people for their own happiness

There's also some love behind that selfishness

So that is also a kind of love actually

Love is tend to be selfish

[I dont mean any offend I'm just sharing some thought]

Few lesson in life..

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When you lose faith to live always remember that when you fall
there will be someone who will held you from the back
Someone who will rise you up from falling
Someone who remember you everyday
Someone who never forget you and left you behind


Learned to care
Learned to smile
Learned to cry
Learned to give
Learned to forgive
Everybody make mistakes
Learned to give a second chances
Learned to forgive yourself
Nobody is perfect everything has it's own defect
Learned to let go the past
It's time to live for the presence
Learned to share your feelings and emotion
Learned to trust not everyone is the same
just because of some other people bad
impression we misjudge a person
before we get a chance to know them
Learned to love we can show love in many ways
It is not only on buying presents
It is when you care about the people you love
and the people who love you
It is the most precious presents to show some love
Learned to appriciate what you have
cause not all what we have in these world is forever
and most of all be thankful to our almighty god
the creator of our universe for everything
that he taught us about life is to make us a better person..


Life through my eyes..

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When i feel so alone i think of the time when i were happy, t
he time of my childhood, my years at school, a special holiday
with my family and friends.
When my mother and i celebrating my birthday when she was alive
and something that stands out in my memory that bring me a great happiness.
I try to remember how wonderful it felt, i close my eyes for awhile and recall
that time over again remembering the people and the scenery
the colors and the smell of the glooming flowers the sound of the nature
the words the feelings and the universe.
Feel so good,doesn't it? Just remembering and re-live i be able to recaptured
some of the happiness moment
It would be wonderful if i could bottle it and keep it always with me.
As the journey of life through my eyes i've learned from the past
and i begin to see that happiness can be mine day in a day of my life
that bring me shiny and luck i'm happy with what i have.

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