Saturday, September 12, 2009


Some people are universally beautiful

and some people are beautiful only to those that love them

Love changes beauty when you love a truly person

they cease to be perfect and you love them more

because you and only you know their flows

That's what makes them yours the secret of the flaws

And when you love for want of a better word

An ugly person they become beautiful to you

That's part of the love the fact that you know they are beautiful

People features changes when you love them

They became precious and once you really know them

have held that face close and kissed every bit of it

You'll never recapture how it looked to you the first time you saw it

But sometimes you see a face for the first time and know

that is the face for you and sometimes

A face just grows on you and there it is in your life

and your days would be empty without it..

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