Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love is..

Don’t dream of with open eyes believe in reality it’s FATE what you are they will find the same. Life is unfair sometime we become suspecious about everybody just becouse of some bad experience or mishappen that we dont want to do trust in somebody WHO is even deserved to be trusted but we can't understand intentionally.

When this true about those who love someone but are introvert, second about those whom love'd ones know everything but they are underestimated for some nonsense reasons. How can they say Love will find you? love find way its up to you? how can we carry on those way? let us say if somebody loves you how would you become sure it really does?

It find someone to proceed cus they going right in some aspects It's rare to get someone love in this materiallistic era , hardly we get this innocent spirits this mean they are not sure about love may come back but is right to feel about love ,Cause love is called to be the name of feelings emotions..

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