Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shadow of the past..

It was always been the same the thing
an object of desire dangeled just out of reach
and when i thought i could have it
when it was in grasping range
it was whipped away
I thought of my youth my golden days
when the world was buttery full of lipstick
and opportunity i'd thrown it away
frittered my young life away
trying to be nice wanting everyone to accept me
I thought what a vile thing to want to be
a slippy thing not good not bad just safe slightly sweet
but a people who not often speak out wont grab their chances
they kept their opinion quiet least they offend and least they lose
down it went into the red depths irretrievable lost forever. H
ow nice it would be if i can fly like a bird in the sky
feel free to go where i want and dance as i could
be myself and be more me cause sometime
I dont even know who i am anymore
I have change i'm not the girl that i use'd to see anymore
the girl that i first saw before i've been whipped away faded..

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