Monday, September 14, 2009


What is soulmate does soulmate exist? myth or truth or somehow it's only an illussion
Meeting a soulmate can happened everywhere it's not impossible.

As long as both has a strong insight and connection
between a two-person are there.
But how if both get along at each other in unexpected way
will the two realised that they are meant to be as one
that is so-called soulmate.

Does soulmate only do after marriage what about those
who are not married and just get along is there any possibility
that it can be they have found at each other soulmate.

Some people will always deny that they already found their soulmate,
Cus they expected for something better and they keep on searching
for a better soulmate.That is why some of them missing out the
expected thing without realising a soulmate that they've keep searching 
for all this time is just infront of their eyes.

And the mind that always deny to oneself until they missed the
opportunity to know their partner and love ones well cus there are
people who never satisfied they keep searching and searching until
they ditch themselves into triangular love situation rectangular or
square and many shipped-shaped of relationship cus they keep
looking for better a soulmate.

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