Thursday, September 3, 2009

Few lesson in life..

When you lose faith to live always remember that when you fall
there will be someone who will held you from the back
Someone who will rise you up from falling
Someone who remember you everyday
Someone who never forget you and left you behind


Learned to care
Learned to smile
Learned to cry
Learned to give
Learned to forgive
Everybody make mistakes
Learned to give a second chances
Learned to forgive yourself
Nobody is perfect everything has it's own defect
Learned to let go the past
It's time to live for the presence
Learned to share your feelings and emotion
Learned to trust not everyone is the same
just because of some other people bad
impression we misjudge a person
before we get a chance to know them
Learned to love we can show love in many ways
It is not only on buying presents
It is when you care about the people you love
and the people who love you
It is the most precious presents to show some love
Learned to appriciate what you have
cause not all what we have in these world is forever
and most of all be thankful to our almighty god
the creator of our universe for everything
that he taught us about life is to make us a better person..


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