Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life through my eyes..

When i feel so alone i think of the time when i were happy, t
he time of my childhood, my years at school, a special holiday
with my family and friends.
When my mother and i celebrating my birthday when she was alive
and something that stands out in my memory that bring me a great happiness.
I try to remember how wonderful it felt, i close my eyes for awhile and recall
that time over again remembering the people and the scenery
the colors and the smell of the glooming flowers the sound of the nature
the words the feelings and the universe.
Feel so good,doesn't it? Just remembering and re-live i be able to recaptured
some of the happiness moment
It would be wonderful if i could bottle it and keep it always with me.
As the journey of life through my eyes i've learned from the past
and i begin to see that happiness can be mine day in a day of my life
that bring me shiny and luck i'm happy with what i have.

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