Monday, September 21, 2009

Till the shiny day..

There was a young lady called whitey who once had the same journey with a darkie.Whitey went through the path that bring her fall at the cave In silence she asking oneself how is it that i strayed from the garden and seem to this trap i have fallen?

Voices whispering Hey! there.. lonely girl you are not alone; we went through the same path that bring you here and the path you went through allow us being together at the same cave. By chance it's god make it happened.

You have to carry on the walk through the dark cave ,don't be afraid; said darkie, I will be there for you to lead you out from the dark cave.By touching the wall even it's too dark i will try to do the best i could and bring you out of the darkness back to the shine.

Once you see the light of the sun shine from the cave that is the way out of yourself. By time you need no more hunting for lights no more darkness.You can now jump with laughter's and have your happiness always remember never forget the journey in the darkness of a cave we went through I'll be seeing you from the cave waving goodbye. Till the shiny day whitey!
“But why it's always goodbye in the end, Even if there is a shine to light up the way" Darkie don't you know that it is hard to wave goodbye..? Till the shiny day

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