Thursday, December 29, 2011

And when the "dots" is going on and on, that is why I just smile

It's difficult to find a friend who could be with us through good times nor bad times some never realize what they have done to someone till one day the same thing had happened to them. Well to me i've never forgot my friends I inbox them or whatever it's just happened i get tired of waiting for them to reply, i have no rules in friendship, I make friends with anyone it doesn't matter what religion they are is, cause they're human as well. But when "friends" who i once cared never even bother to asked me how am i doing or so, well...then be it!!!

Judge me whatever you thought I am and what i've might be cause I have a feeling's too the same like YOU, THEM, THEY~~~!!!! to once so called friend i bet you gotta think harder, and harder before you make a wrong judgement..

I do forgive and forget love me or hate me I am being myself I dont mean to pry or whatsoever but I'm telling the facts!! "IF" you wanna act like I wasn't even exist in your life go on, you wanna blamed me for some jokes which I have said and you've just trying to put it so hard on your selves then carry on!!
Bluntly telling you, I feel terribly sad of how you react and behave!! You doesn't even call until I try to call you many times, you does not reply back my inbox like I did some mistakes that made you felt offended?? Hello, common please try to act and think like an adult for a seconds or two, now tell me who is forgetting whom anyways huhh..??

I have try my best to be a good "bestfriends and besty's" to YOU, I stand by your side when you in needed, and I paint a smile on your face when you we're upsets. Now can you tell me where the heck have you been when I needed someone to console me? does it hurt to say hai back in return or just dropped me some greetings in my wall to remind me that you've never forget me because you we're there for me even though you're far away from my side.

Am i biting people anyway or some monsters that probably make you scared away from dropping me some words? well i bet you found a "new friend" as well and your new friends make you even more happy than I am right? and then you've just forgotten about your old friends here who been there for you whenever you are in needed, a friend who been there for you even when you are happy or sad, a friend who always console you when you're others friends doesn't even have time to cheer you, DUH.  
You think you're the only one who is hurt here? You even forget to wish my birthday on my special day, but not your "friends of friends" special occasions right!? Yeah, I've do know that one more step closer you're gonna get all your dreams though!! But honestly to be clear to you I'm not the one who forgot my friends in this case.

Does it hurt some ass to apologize for what have they done? unless "their" ego is higher than mount everest and amazon!! I bet so. Now lastly dont be sad about what i have wrote here, Im telling my feeling so you understand why all this is happening.

Love me or hate me I am just being me. God blessed you always and no matter what I would still be there as a friend dot dot dot dot!! that is why I just smile :-)

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Nava.K said...

Apologizing also means you admit its your mistake and I always have high regards for people who do that.

mars mell-o said...

@Nava.K that's so true nava, i strongly agree with you...

Anonymous said...


mars mell-o said...

@nattashae emilyz whats up girl..

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