Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love MCDONALD hotcakes

Took this picture while me and myhun was having breakfast at home together yesterday morning.

Mello suka sangat makan hotcakes dan hash browns! yummy!  ha ha tapi pagi tu myhun makan nasi lemak. Mello dengan adik mello kerjakan hotcakes sampai habis.

Coffee for you and milo ais for me!!

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi, ahaa! You having Mehnonner.....
No bi mei fei? Ha ha.
We stay only5 minutes walk from a McDonalds, past 24 years.
Been in 4 times. First time to see, have lunch.
Other times meet friends. Have cold drinks.
My wife ad I not keen on it.
You have a nice day. Lee.

Small Kucing said...

hmm...not really crazy about the hot cakes but I do love the Egg McMuffin and the coffee :)

Quay Po Cooks said...

I only like the fries in Mcdonald and prefer the fried chicken at Kentucky:D

アヌム ちゃん said...

mcd..sedapnyaa..kan best kalau mcd dekat sini halal mcm kt mesia..huhuuu

Heidi Shafiq said...

yummy!! :D

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small KucingI love that too!!! :D

Mars Mell-o said...

@Quay Po Cooks yeah me too i love the fries and for the fried chicken i'll go for kentucky :D

thanks for droppin by ya.. :D

Mars Mell-o said...

@アヌム ちゃん kat japan mcd sana tak halal kan? mello belum pernah pergi japan, myhun dah pernah semalam mello tanya myhun mcd kat japan tak halal ke, dia kata TAK :D

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