Sunday, September 25, 2011

The nerd side of me LOL

Around 8.30pm just now I called the old town coffee and asked them to deliver me this food which you've seen now on the pictures a cincau soya freeze and toasted bread and it was actually for my dinner ha ha ha. Why only that? wokay, wokay I tell. For the past few weeks I skipped having "rice" and I only eat bread and steam noodle for lunch and night I eaten only snacks like those with low calories. I have this aim, and I also already set it In my mind that in this few month I'm gonna struggle to get back my old weight which is 42kg LOL. Isn't that so thin or what? because as I remember those day I only weight 40kg yes I'm under-weight and I have this sickness what ever I ate I vomited it out back. TOO bad huh? but it was those days before. Until when I met myhun he always took me out to a nice restauran and forced me to eat, and eat and eat  ROFL why? the reason is he was too worried of myself and he don't want me to fall sick.  He'd been doing the same routine for like a years! he will make sure that my food is well and my health is good. Then only I finally manage myself to put on some weight which is now I am currently 49kg but sigh I feel like I'm getting bigger you know? So I've set this word's inside my mind that I'm surely can get back my old weight no matter what! because I am a type of person that never give up too easily I even told myhun that it's enough of eating ok, even if he asked me to eat I wont ha ha ha "oops i'm sorry sweetheart" I already gain some weight for you now it's time for me to lose some LOL. So what did I have been doing to get myself distracted from thinking of eating? I'll read books to get myself busy so I wont think of eating and having my tummy filled with foods funny no? ha ha. Okay I guess it's enough for now I'm feeling sleepy need to rest my head on my pillow else I will get my migrane again.

P/S: Sleep tight sweetheart, and dont dont let the bed bugs bite I heart you pumpkin!!

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Small Kucing said...

Eh dont la diet till eat and the vomit out. No good leh. Listen to your honey. Gain some weight. It's good. You are tall. 49kg is not heavy lah. It's just nice.Too kurus nanti looks like hantu pulak. I wanna gain some weight too.

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing ya you're right mamarazzi too kurus will look like hantu ha ha i have one pic with hantu looks last time.. i will post here for you..

my also friend did told me that theres no need to lose weight even my hun said too.. but i dont know why somehow i still feel like i'm growing and i dont know why.

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