Thursday, September 1, 2011

What if..

What if, God
 Couldn't take the
Time to bless us
Today because we
Couldn't take the
Time to thank Him

What if, God
Decided to stop
Leading us
Tomorrow because we
Didn't follow Him

What if, we will never
Saw another
Flower bloom
Because we
Grumbled when God
Sent the Rain? 

What if, God didn't
Walk with us
Today because we
Failed to recognize it as
His day? 

What if, God took
Away the Bible / Quran
Tomorrow because
We would
Not read it anyway?

What  if, God took
Away His message
Because we failed
To listen to the


What if, God
Didn't send His only
Begotten Son
Because He
Wanted us to be
Prepared to pay
The price for sin?

What if, the door
Of the Mosque / church
Was closed because
We did not open the door
Of our heart?

What if, God
Stopped loving and
Caring for us
Because we
Failed to love
And care for

What  if, God would
Not hear us
Today because we
Would  not
Listen to Him?

What if, God
Answered our  prayers
The way we answer
His call
To service? 

What if, God met our
Needs the way
We give Him  our

What if, God given you a chances 
to change your life and destiny
are you ready to face every obstacles 
that will come along your way? 

What if, you'll let those time
and the given chances pass you by,
But soon as you realized,
It was already too late? 

Will you complain to GOD
then start blaming him,
For every of the mishappen in your life?
cause at one time it was you 
who decided to choose that path
and put yourself into it..

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Small Kucing said... photos? they looks great. so natural. :)

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucingthanks for the compliments mamarazzi :D

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