Friday, October 21, 2011

TGI fridays - The Curve Damansara

Last few day's me and myhun went to TGI fridays at the curve damansara and had dinner together there, yeah just the two of us this time I left my sissy at home. At first did asked her if she wanna come along to had dinner with us, then she said it's okay because she feel lazy to go out anyway.  So it's only me and myhun, it's also good cause atleast I could have some privacy moment with myhun ha ha ha.

Mushrooms soup for me and myhun love it!! creamy delicious.

Yummylicious!! i'm lovin it he he..

This is what we both order prawns pasta and barbeque chicken salad me and myhun shared this meal together, as you can see from the pictures the size of this plate is too big LOL.
I don't think I could finish the whole meal alone so we decided to share it instead of wasting the food as you know they say sharing is caring right? =P 
Lastly we take away a burger for my sister he he!!

Before we leave TGI fridays myhun asked me a question that even I have no idea how to answers his questions ha ha.  He said sayang what's the meaning of TGI ? Oh hun I don't know LOL why not asked the guy at the counter before we ciao from here.  I was actually only joking about what I have said, It didn't came across my mind that he'd really go to the counter and asked the waiter who we're standing there. 

 Excuse me boleh tanya? apa meaning TGI? then the waiter answer him.


Then he said okay thank's for telling now only I know ROFL.

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Small Kucing said...

takde tapau for me ke? :p

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing for mamarazzi one tak pau cannot hahaha have to met mamarazzi and makan sama sama.. ;P

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