Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hafiz AF7 - Ku Akui

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It kinda happen to myself before yeah, i'm inlove with someone who doesn't even realize and notice my presence while i'm still around and that someone find's out that i'm important in his life when i'm already gone into somewhere, gone into some place that nowhere and never to be founded again sadly this kind of things happen in real life.

But i believe that thing's happen for a reason's right..?? and I thanked that someone for hurting my feelings and for breaking my heart into pieces and cause if it's not because of him I wouldn't come across and found my endless love the prince of my heart my everything.

There was a night for the first time
 I listen to this song playing on the radio
 my heart skipped a beat for a moment. 

I looked around me and i'm glad that i wasn't alone
I look next to me and then I smile at him
and looked at his face closely.

 I felt warmth inside my heart
I take his hands on mine and hold it tightly
 and I said to myself, I'm happy again.

 After everything that i've been through
I found love again, I found love in him
 Though there was a time I have decided not to love again.

 I shut every doors and rooms for love
I have deep inside my broken heart
not until i met him my one and only prince of my heart
 and he change every hatred inside me into LOVE.

From that moment i learned how to love again
and I feel grateful to god for sending my prince to love me
and save me outta' from my misery.

Thank you for everything my so called used to be someone if it's not because of you i'll never learned to be strong, and for that i finally found my happiness. I'll take that we're even now..??? dont you think at one time you ask for it... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Bole sy download, thank you ;)

Reisha Myeiszell said...

your welcome =D

Small Kucing said...

things happen fr a reason

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