Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ikan bilis fried rice with sausage and fried shallot's

My creation for dinner, I'm not really good in making new recipe, and i'm not a good cooked though ROFL,  but i'm just testing my brain here and just now i came up with this and i like to share the recipe here. The taste turned out good that's what my sis and pumpkin said to me HAHA.. I hope they aren't bluffing me about it, I just really really do hope so that it's a sincere comment from both of them.  XD

Ingredient A

4 - shallot*
3- garlic*
5- chillies*

( ground all ingredients with star )

Ingredient B
Oil (  I use the fried shallot's oil ) 

2 - sausage ( I use nutriplus )#
1/4 ikan bilis#
Rice ( for two person quantity / depend's one person will do )
2 - teaspoon of tumix pati ikan bilis ( you can add another teaspoon/ as you wish )
Salt for taste  

Fried shallot's
I use the one with halal logo :-)

1. Add fried shallots oil into a pan ( just the oil).
2. Add ground ingredient A.
3. Add ingredient B with # into a pan till it’s well cooked.
4. Add rice and don’t forget the tumix pati ikan bilis, also salt for taste.
5. Leave it for awhile and be served.
6. Heat the shallot’s again into a pan for crunchy taste and after
that put it on top of the ikan bilis fried rice just now.
7. Ready to eat hehehe =D

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Looks like you are enjoying cooking these days and I am enjoying reading through your recipes. My fav of course is the ikan bilis. Great flavors for a simple meal with cooked rice.

Reisha Myeiszell said...

you're right ms.nava cooking makes me happy =D hehehe i enjoy the happiness looking at the dish i made. Thanks for the inspiration ms.nava K!

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