Saturday, February 16, 2013

OH.. I look so serious!!

OH, i look so serious in this pictures i just notice thank's for sharing this pixies to me babe hahahaha. I like it, the face expression suit the feelings at the same time.  I was reading some messages and replying my besty at the same time, What the heck i'm actually thinking in mind?? 

It's hard to express it, nor wrote it down in a word's all i could say is alot too much to wonder alot to much to think huh.. too much W letters in my head!! LOL, the WHY's, WONDERING, W and HO also become a question's in my head, WHAT'S the point to show up now?? oop's did i forget something?? or probably i have lost my mind.

I try to recalled but then the answers i get to my question is LOADING IN PROGRESS  IM SORRY THERE IS 
NO DEFAULT ANSWERS TO THAT QUESTION. I'm sooooooo soooooo speechless and i was like trying to REMEMBER something or to FORGET but What is it..?? arggh i hate this when it strucked me like this another questions in my head HAHAHAHAHA.. DAMN!!!

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Anonymous said...

You look so serious. What are thinking now, feel better? Smile *wink

Reisha Myeiszell said...

yeah feel better babe, will met u again next time yeah hehe on your bday..

Anonymous said...

Yaa sure, nything juz let u know. See you!! =)

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Experiences no matter which way it comes are the best lessons for us. We learn and we move on though the hurt and pain will take some time to go away.

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