Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm happy what I visualize and what I dream to have come true

Dulu sebelum beli mikey kucing macam ni lah yang mello cari - cari hahahaaha awal - awal dah membayangkan one day akan dapat cat macam ni, akhirnya what i visualize finally come true and i got it!
Thats why i believe in theres nothing wrong to dream of what we want some dreams come true, to dream is to attract the things you want to comes to you it's the law of attractions the rest let the universe do it works always believe in your good thought, nothing is impossible right.
That's what i've learn from THE SECRET ever since I start reading this book since year 2006 is too always feel good and think positive and from that moment onward I keep practicing the secret, cause it's inspiring and the secret to all secret (universe) WILL revealed IF you ask for real.

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