Monday, November 7, 2011

Snapeee applications iPhone rocks!!

Remember the application's I downloaded for my iPhone the other day? Here's the outcome of the pictures i'll edited there, honestly telling the applications is so cool, you can shared your pictures with your friends, you can also make friends there and tell your story via uploading your pictures and edit them into a kawai style.  It's almost the same like Instagram applications only the difference between this two is snapee will change your original photo into a glitter and shimmering bling bling style.

Example like pictures below...

Rawwwwrrrrrr.. cute lion ha ha..
Sleepy head kitty LOL
Have you ever seen a cake with a huge diamond on it? if you haven't you'll see it now LOL

My handsome hachico ha ha ha..

It's really fun to shared your captured moment and edit them into kawai and funny style of editing try it and you'll know.. You can get the application here it's free!!

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi, real cute! And you sure have that very attractive traffic stopper looks of yours too.
Have fun, stay beautiful.

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