Thursday, November 10, 2011

Im mell- Ohmaygosh

Im mell - yes i'm mell hahahaha ini bukan edit tapi word verification ni terjadi masa mello submit comment kat entry follower bloggers hari tu, mello tak ingat bila tapi bukankah ia adalah sesuatu yang agak unique dan menarik kan! =D Nak tahu tak sebab dia apa?? yang submit comment pun orang panggil mell juga ROFL. It's a coincident and rare cause i'm sure it never happened to anyone always. But of all it picked me perhaps it's because some of my friends do call me mell LOL. I bet.. I bet.. and I dare to said it so cause "im mell" ohhh.. HAHAHA what a funny words verification Omaygosh...!!

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FaceMyMusic said...

Hahaha... Yes, you're Mell... ;)

mars mell-o said...

@FaceMyMusic hahaha bestfriend yah...what a big coincident, pandai betul dia bagi words verification tu.. kelakar kan..

Small Kucing said... ngum :)

Dentist said termakan barang keras so the tulang injured. Need some time to recover lo :p

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing yeah mamarazzi so ngam, till make me wanna say ohmaygosh hahaha..

that's good to know that you already recover mamarazzi, i know how it feels when the gigi buat kacau time makan.. moody all the time.. :D

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