Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet The Girl-Next-Door 1.11.11

Last night I meet up with my bestfriend sheema It's been 2 years we've never see each other. Actually I never thought that I would meet her last night ha ha it was a sudden meet up!!  We talk on BBM for sometime and then myhun also BBM me at the same time and asked me if I wanna go somewhere before he go to jakarta cause he wont be able to see me for 2days then he told me that I could asked my friend to come with me too if I want.  I was like huh? I'm still clueless in my mind I was asking myself this questions..
"Nak ajak siapa ek hmmm? " Oh sheema!! sebab dah janji dengan dia nak jumpa!!"  nak tahu cerita kelakar tak?  bila kitorang plan nak meet up aje time tu mesti tak jadi macam - macam hal akan timbul LOL". Nasib baik lah semalam dapat juga kami berjumpa he he I kinda miss her just bayangkan 2 tahun tak jumpa? bukannya duduk jauh - jauh tempat mello stay dengan dia dekat aje sebenarnya cuma tu lah, ada juga orang yang pelik macam mello ni kan? kalau nak jumpa kena tunggu 2 tahun dulu. I am just joking actually masing - masing busy sebab tu tak jumpa but we still get in touch via BBM chatting till fall asleep CSLOL"

My sissy also want to pose ha ha she's wearing the dress I bought for her. Notice anything different with her? I touched up some make up on her face LOL smokey eyes. =P

Say meow Rawwwwrrrrrrrrrr......=D

My youngest sister told me that I already lose some weight, betul ke? cepat juga berat badan turun kan ha ha anyway how do I look with this dress nice or not?

P/S: Thank you for the great time sweetheart my hunny pumpkin love please be good there and take good care of yourself for me I heart you always and forever will be... <3

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