Sunday, November 6, 2011

Genting highland relaxing moment = YOU AND I

Yesterday night me and myhun went to genting highland just the two of us. When  we both reach there the first thing we do is looked for a place to eat, after few minutes walking around I saw this restaurant it's called lau di fang at first I thought it's a non-halal restaurant but I'll decided to asked the people who worked there to make sure the food is pork free he he.  I asked the policeman who happened to passed by us. "Excuse me, Cik boleh tumpang tanya tak?  makanan kat lau di fang ni halal ke tak?". Then the policeman answered me, "halal, banyak orang melayu makan sana".  Oh, okay terima kasih. I've said again and then me and myhun decided to eat there at last!! When we get to lau di fang, I'll saw a picture of a curry laksa at the menu yup it looks drooling awhhmmm I'll order it even myhun order the same food too. We both asked for the same meal sweet ma?? ROFL. OH, ya not to forget the small fried fish myhun say he love's it!! So i told him to order but make sure he'll finish it ha ha ha if not don't eat I said to him.
BTW the curry laksa very nice wo, apa lagi bila makan guna chopstick makin double sedap curry laksa tu he he he. Mello memang suka guna chopstick kalau makan noodles dah biasa macam tu =P
After dinner me and myhun head to the arcade and play games ha ha ha, it's really fun I feel like I'm a small little girl again and he is my small little boy LOL.   I've once told myhun that I'm good at playing racing game and he could never defeat me, myhun don't believe me at first he even challenge me to fight one race with him I said alright i'm cool with that but with one condition I tell him. If he lose the race he'll must listen to every single words I say, ha ha are we on deal I said to myhun. He then said okay, but If i lose i'll have to listen to every words he say the deal is "ON" sweetheart. Let's race!!! ROFL.

Wanna know the result?  he lose 2 TIMES LOL hahahaha mello kalahkan dia 2 kali main game racing 2-0 mello dah cakap awal - awal kat dia jangan cabar main game racing sebab mello pernah main game racing kat genting dulu sampai habis rm500 main game yang sama iaitu car racing barulah dia percaya cakap mello. Lepas main game racing mello ajak dia main game tembak - tembak pulak yang pakai shootgun besar tu, tapi kitorang tak dapat main game tu sebab banyak sangat orang tengah main game tu lagipun malas nak tunggu dah  jadi kitorang pun keluar dari arcade dan jalan - jalan kat luar time tu memang sejuk gila sampai rasa macam nak jadi beku badan mello LOL.
If you don't believe just look at this pictures above did you see the haze?? ha ha ha it's un-edited you know. Actually I'll purposely take pictures near by the green light. Biar nampak macam hantu hijau tengah berdiri kat tepi jalan CSLOL...

Sweetheart, thank you for the sweet memory we've shared last night It's unforgettable yeah. I really enjoy the night with you as long as you are next beside me it's what matter most to me. Remember what I said, everything is meaningless without you,  I hope we could repeat this sweet moment again and again and again. I love you forever and for always I'm all yours hun..<3

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Small Kucing said...

alamak...drooling at the curry mee.....hungry......

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing yes mamarazzi memang sedap the curry laksa some more very huge bowl one hahaha even i have no idea how to finish it.

FaceMyMusic said...

Wow... It has been a long time since I had yummylicious curry noodles... Emmm~

By the way, I love that hazy green photo... You look mysterious there, Mell... :D

Mars Mell-o said...

@FaceMyMusic perhaps next time meet up we can had curry laksa together hehehe..bestfriends, yap the greem light pictures make me feel like i glow in the dark hahaha

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