Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chatime - At SUMMIT USJ

I heard lot'sa people are talking about Chatime they said the drink's there are good. They also said that you've gotta wait for a long queue to get to buy the drinks. At first I don't believe it till I saw it with my very own eyes. Actually I didn't know that Chatime have branch at SUMMIT USJ until yesterday I meet my auntie there and happened to passed by infront of Chatime he he he. Then I told myhun that I wanna buy a pearl milk tea.  " honey, nak cuba chatime boleh? diorang kata best, myhun then said okay sayang beli lah, abang pun nak cuba juga".   Then after that I quickly go into the queue and line up myself there LOL, jangan leceh.. cause too many people are queuing aswell and I don't wanna ruined my day waiting ha ha ha.

My number is 9621 there is 2 more to go before my turn he he.. Anyhow if you buy rm30 above they'll give you a form to fill up it's for the weekly lucky draw. I'll already fill up the form wish I could win. Wanna know what's the prize is? it's HTC handphone awhhhh..
My first pearl milk tea.. =D yummy..

I bought 3 large pearl milk tea one for my auntie and my sissy and the other one is for me and myhun we shared it..   Try it, it's delicious!!

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Small Kucing said...

really delicious ah? I never try before

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing yes mamarazzi , sedap and many choices of drinks too. I love pearl milk tea :D

Unknown said...

i'm jimmy hu(snapeee)

w0w...珍珠奶茶 pearl milk tea is very good tea
pearl milk tea from taiwan (my country)

Mars Mell-o said...

@Unknown thanks for dropping by :)) it's a good tea yeap!!!

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