Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black canyon coffee - AT SUMMIT USJ

When I meet my auntie the other day I'll take her to had dinner with us at the Black Canyon Coffee just opposite Chatime yeah..  When we get there first thing we do is look up for a four person table cause myhun and my sissy they came along with me too.  I tell you what Black canyon is definitely one of a nice place to chillax. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing cheap also cheaper and the food is worth paying for cause it's not so expensive and what matters most to me is the taste of the food. Because to me even in how expensive restaurant you are eating but when the food does not satisfied your appetite at all it's actually pointless that's the way how I considered myself enjoying my every meal all the time yeah..

Below are some list of the menu we all order..
Mushroom's soup , actually we didn't order this it's free it came along with the grilled salmon fish it's delicious.  My sister had this LOL all for her.

I forgot what this food called, myhun asked for this overall he said it's tasty yummy.
Sweet and sour chicken it's my favorite but i didn't eat much I give all to my auntie ha ha as you know I only eat a little.
Prawns udon tom yum noodle this one is for me, yummy my auntie order the same meal too but her one is a macaroni chicken tom yam. I love the soup awhhhh it's so spicy I LIKE it so much.  
After we've done having our meal we ordered another 3 tom yum noodles it's for take away back home this explain and tell you  how yummy it really was once you try it one time you'll sure want it some more!! I'll get addicted to it!! ha ha but hey, that take away food is not for me okay it was for myhun and for my auntie I eat only once  a day my tank is not that big actually no more space for another noodle OMG.
The last order came is this grilled salmon for my sister she finish all of it!!!

You can try the food here sometime it's really good and don't forget to bring your family along because there is lot of delicious food there!! =D

P/S: Thanks for the great time sweethuns my pumpkin love kiss all over ya face!! <3

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Small Kucing said...

eee....all the food looks very delicious la. Haiz...too bad cant eat. Tengah sakit gigi. Dah jumpa dentist dah . Lucky tak kena cabut :p

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing OOOo lucky u mamarazzi my wisdom tooth is gone half now, hahaha now i wanna cabut the other half. I havent make appointment yet, myhun still busy..there days.. tahan dulu la..

SUE AMIERA said...

aduiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lapar terus aku tgk makanan ni tau.....

mars mell-o said...

@SUE AMIERA dulu kan aku sudah pernah bawa kau makan kat black canyon ni hahahaa kau sudah rasa ba makanan ni.. mau lagi ka??? =P

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