Sunday, July 29, 2012

Myself years back then - present and the now

the innocent me and the grown up me :)

That's me year's back then - and if i'm not mistaken my age was only 12 years old in this picture with an innocent smile and short haircut a side by side clipped on hair is one of my thing back then when i was a little girl as I love to kept the girly look's that will match and suit with my dress.  

Some friend of mine asked this question, hadn't you ever try cutting your hair short before? and few of them even suggest me to cut my hair short and try something new for a changes as often they seen me with long hair but not once a chance they seen me with short mid-length haircut and as thought i think it is one of kinda funny asking that i had ever heard from them. 

Well, honestly I did cut my hair short before and I can say it is shorter than the above pictures on the left i wish i have a pictures of it but unfortunately i don't have any copy with me as it's all gone into nowhere lols and I also done the hair dye and bleaching on my hair  until one day my hair got spoiled and damaged and it take quite some time probably few years to get back the natural looks of my hair with no split-ends and damages.
captured on 12 june - peek-a-boo is it short or long? have your guess he..he..

Since then I stop dyeing my hair and keep the hair long instead and twice a month i will go for hair treatment.  Till at someday i find it's kinda tiring and take so much of time cause every twice a month i have to do the same routine which is going to saloon and done the same treatment over and over, then i made up my mind and decided to buy the hair treatment product and done the treatment itself at home once a week, just a simple and instant step which is applying the hair mask all over my hair and cover my head with hot towel and then shower cap for 30mins then was my hair clean and after that rinse it with hair conditioner and lastly washed it with cold/hot water ( as your choice ) and when it's done use the hairdryer to dry my hair and not rub it using towel ya, remember that. 

Believe it or not the result is the same as hair steaming-treatment that done at the saloon but the only difference in what I did is express and no charge at all!! 

Ha...ha..ha..ha brilliant idea huh? that's what my hairstylist friend once told me. As at one time he wondered himself seeing my hair growing long so fast for not more than 2 years and he asked me, what did i've done to my hair? just in a quick time  the damages all gone and it look more dark and shiny and thicker than the last time he cut left over dye on my hair.
Photo on left capture month ago the one on the right taken last friday look at the hungry face gosh after fasting for 8 day's straight the cheek also become small liao!!

Then I said a joke to my friend, I guess my hair got too much of vitamins as I done the mask treatment 4 times in a month and kept it maintain for a years and then smile at once when  the same answer kept being said over again and again when some friend of mine even think that my hair is an extension or a wigged. 
P/S to my besty eila the left side pic is not edited and also no hair dye.. okay! ha..ha

See what i'm saying here?? I did try midlength haircut not one time but after 3 - 4 month's it will grow longer again and when one day came when some of my friends met me again my hair has already back into the length as the last time they saw me, don't believe?? take a look at the pictures above. *grind*

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Thats a total contrast in looks. I have also stopped coloring my hair and now prefer the original, my black hair. However I need to touch up when my grey hairs comes out in between.

mars mell-o said...

Yeah ms.nava just touch up a little to cover the gray hair :D true agree with you..

Anonymous said...

Good morning doll* semoga ceria di pagi hari hehe
Nanti tgk kat inbox FB you okay =D

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