Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hard to believe ya..? he he dont get shocked!

Here's the evidence HA HA like CSI la pulak!! LOL just kidding

Rose Johari, I know that you are still in shocked about the contest announcement just now, But you really did won this contest. Here's the snapshoot's of the Top Commentator List.

You're name is on the first top of the list and there's (64) comments from you.

You really did won!!!  LOL


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Rose Johari said...

Morning mello. hehehe...amboi, mello siap buat snapshoot lagi tuh...hihihi...malunye... =)

Mars Mell-o said...

rose: morning hehe ..kenapa nak malu ?? :P there is nothing to say for :D..

awal rose bangun hehe mello nak jap lagi nak sambung rest kejap ahaha kucing mello asyik melompot kat kat katil mello pastu dia gigit hp mello sbb dia nak mello play lagu yg mello buat untuk dia ROFL ..

rose nak dengar ke? LOL dont forget to had ya bfast :P

Rose Johari said...

rose dah dgr lagu tuh...hehehe...kuchi kuchi...

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