Thursday, June 30, 2011

What you see is what you GET!!

When I woke up this morning, I've asked myself;
What are some of the secrets of success in life?
I found the answer right there in my very room.
The fan said - be cool,
The Roof said - Aim high,
The window said - see the world,
The clock said - every minute is precious,
The calender said - Be up to date,
The mirror said - Reflect before you act,
The door said - push hard for your goals
the carpet said - KNEEL DOWN AND PRAY.
Carry a Heart that Never Hates,
Carry a Smile that Never Fades,
Carry a Touch that Never Hurts,
The Almighty Blesses Us To Be A Blessing Unto Others!!


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Sasa Tien said...

I like this poem!!!! has alot of meaning ~~~~
emm.. I would like to inform you something ,
i have organized a contest : colourful paddy .

Rose Johari said...

wow, a very meaningful poem indeed... =)

Mars Mell-o said...

sasa: thanks i already read your post will try to join your contest!!! :)

Mars Mell-o said...

rose: thanks for reading hehehe

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