Friday, June 3, 2011


Who is hara apple?  she is my (tooot ha ha) hara is also a besty at site never heard of it? It's games site for girls to play girly game where they can create their own medoll of themself and then dress them up and design a suite by their own creativity. Yuh,  Icey and hara used to be so active there playing a medoll game make-over they're medoll with fancy adorable dresses and maked-up. 
Who is IceySoul?  I'm not sure if I can answer that questions LOL


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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mars Mello, I love your callsign, and you are Icey Soul.
Wow! One more time, WOW! You sure one very attractive young lady!
Love that outfit you have on. Real classy and elegant.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

Inspirationalefeks said...

pretty zaarah :)

ken said...

2nd pic is nice :)

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

Owh. Patutlah kat blog Chybee ada orang search zaarahjasmin cantik. Memang cantik pun. Ni mesti ramai secret admire ni.

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