Friday, June 3, 2011


I know this entry is late than what I've promise I should've posted this month ago. But due to some problem I didn't manage to post the video and some pictures of Justin Bieber I manage to captured at concert LIVE IN KL April 21, 2011 now my macbook is fixed and I'm gonna post the video here so that you all can watch it.
JB with his backup dancer and also backup singer the legaci they have a good voice haven't heard of them before isn't? Well start searching their group name on YouTube listen to their music!
Justin bieber singing "never say never" with full of emotions..

While I'm busy recording this video I saw a teenager screaming Justin Bieber name from the beginning of the concert she was standing on the chair and the funny thing about this girl is she was crying there and singing JB song with tears in her eyes HA HA HA at first I thought she's crying because maybe she fall from the chair but nah.. She cry there happily a tears of joy probably no wonder they called this concert as BIEBER FEVER there were thousand of poeple came from different places drove their cars to KL just to watch the Justin Bieber fever concert OMG!! From that moment I realize that Justin have so many FANS!! probably the next MJ!! 


Actually they don't allowed the audience to recorded a video only pictures are allowed
to be taken but kinda lucky that time cause no one saw me recording using my Vcam!!

Anyway here's the video of Justin bieber ONE TIME 
Rose Johari sorry for late upload ha ha ha hope you still wanna watch this video I've edited it by myself.  Memang susah nak upload video ni files too large nasib baik mars mello punya macbook dah sihat kena rawatan khas dari mello ROFL.. Enjoy watching ya'll.


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Rose Johari said...

Huh finally dpt juga tgk video JB ni...hehehe...thanks mello =)

Tarian JB tuh rasanya too mechanical kan? mcm x sharp je..hehehe..(pengkritik AF ni)..hehe... nasib mello tak kena tangkap masa amek video ni...hihihi

Mars Mell-o said...

rose: actually bouncer tu dah nampak ha ha nasib dia tak rampas vcam mello, sbb masa tu byk juga yg tgh pengang vcam dia dah tak tahu nak sound siapa dulu =P ... Rose kata tarian justin bieber tak sharp? tak lah mello kena pndai adjust zoom untuk dapat rakam apa yg dia buat haha sbb dpn mello semuanya kepala orang ROFL. thats why jadi macam tu..

btw banyak betul org datang tgk concert ni penuh stadium tu!!!

Mars Mell-o said...

ada banyak lagi video tapi tak full dia kejap - kejap aje haha.. ni aje yg full one song..

nanti mello upload lagi video ya mello resize file dulu :D

Rose Johari said...

hehehe...tuh rose rasalah...rose tak tgk live tapi mello yg pergi tgk kan so tentu mello lagi tau sharp ke tak... :)

Mars Mell-o said...

rose: tak la rose pun btl juga certain part dia menari mmg tak sharp :D nervous kot tgk orang ramai gila, penuh satu stadium tu.

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