Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CONTEST : Colourful Paddy

The greatest FEAR

In the darkest corner of his room he was sitting there all by himself,
alone in his lonely mind without a smile and without a care,
He had nothing else left other than his own self,

there is no friend to share his joy and laugh with,
there is no friend to catch his sorrow and cry with,

he had nothing else left other than feeling pity and sorry
for his own self,

there is no one to tell and listen to his story,
there is no one to share and to keep his little secret.

He still clearly remember there was a time
the night is so cold and windy as if,

Like it was the greatest night for him to smiled again,
At last! He said to himself.  “I have my sunshine”.

For the first time in his life he feel so sure
that he had made his final choice.

He hold every chances to grab back his sunshine
but then he let it fade away his famous slice and bias reason,

To give nothing to her is such a shamed!
He knew that he have nothing for her.

As for what he is a man like him is a complete zero!
he just so ashamed of himself.

A miles by every miles his mind traveled,
alone all by himself,

the more footsteps he make to continue
the long journey the bigger his fear become.

Fear of knowing what is waiting for him ahead,
Fear of knowing what is the consequences
are when it happens that he made a bad choices,

Fear of knowing the consequences
before he decided to make that choices.
He asked himself,

Could anyone be sure of what they
really wanted is indeed what they ever needed?
He soon realize his biggest weakness is,

Fear of knowing what is right and wrong. His damaged.
Losing her is the greatest mistake he ever done
For giving another man the chances to take his sunshine smile .

A new contest from Sasa Tien !!
It is very easy to win , all you have to do is
look at the picture ( Paddy ) and tell me what
is in your mind when you look at it in not less than 50 Words !

what is my view  about the picture below;

Make "LIFE" colorful by "SHARING" your "THOUGHT"  and "OPINION"
You will never know how much It bring meaning to the others.

Rose, Tnie on the Blog, Fyra J  - I don't know who else to TAG to join me in this contest he he It's poetry yup.. For those who wanna join this contest click the banner above It will direct you there :) 

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Sasa Tien said...

yes.. everyone has different opinion and thought when they looking at that pic.. just like 1 of my best fren , she didt put her link in my post comment , but she join as friend n tell me meaningful things just like u did..

mars mell-o said...

sasa: hope u like it :D ehehe..

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