Sunday, July 24, 2011

Movie - Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 2

I went to watch this movie with my hun and my sis last week I love harry  potter movie since then I never missed watching them!! Don't missed this movie cause it's the best of harry potter ever!! 

At first I thought he was the bad guy but at the end of the story he appear to be the good guy which is he try to help harry potter to defeat voldemort  and the reason why he had to kill prof.dumbledore is to make voldemort believe that he was on his side. Ooh too sad cause he have to die. 

My rate for this movie is 10/10


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Small Kucing said...

fuiyoh! 10/10,,,,i also wanna watch la

Mars Mell-o said...

small kucing: never missed this one! :-bd

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