Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A true test of CHARACTER : U know your FRIENDS when..

No matter what they say about you
 No matter how they judge you
No matter how they look down on you
Now matter how bad they have treated you
No matter how a true friend can sometimes betray you
No matter how they try to make you fall on your knees.

Let them be, 
Let them be bad, 
Let them be jealous,
Let them be evil,
Let them be whatever, 
they want to be,

Just remember this one THING
GOD will always be there for good people
Because someday  “karma” will teach those people
 back the same lesson and the same hardship 
that they have done and put you into.

Just remember this one THING,
Although at times life sometimes may knock you down
but you always can choose you have a choices to get 
your two feet back on the ground.

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Sasa Tien said...

but sometimes, they will get even more friends just because they know how to act like a saint in front of other group of people!

Mars Mell-o said...

sasa: yup, just because they can make their own friend look bad infornt of the other group of people but that doesn't mean they can keep on acting like a saint as they want.. cause sometimes bad guy always thought they are the hero, till the true hero of the story came..

in some movie bad guy fought good guy
bad guy then defeated the good guy but at the end of the story the good guy defeated the bad guy..

but it will only happen at the end of the story la.. ahahah

Sasa Tien said...

haha.. end of story probably means end of life~

Small Kucing said...

time will make them show their true colors. Some would use your mercilessly and yet pretend everything is all right. Preaching this and that then boo hoo here and there about someone padahal sendiri doing the same things to friends who are concern and had intention to help out

haiz...kenot tahan also have to tahan jugak..else what to do?

Mars Mell-o said...

sasa: it depends on the individuals some people they choose not to fought back, because of some reasons some know their limit, like for example. Fighting with an idiot will only make us look stupid. It's actually hard to be in such a situation. Because there will be too many WHAT IF and HOW IF to answer. A good person always think twice before they react or do something.

That's why even in reality good person know what they have to do when at the end of the story came. Ahaha the same as in the movie. funny but true aswell.

Mars Mell-o said...

small kucing: yes you are right mamarazzi, cannot tahan also have to tahan these people .

a true test of character we will know who is our true friends when.... we are in need of help, who is the one to help us out? and who turn their head back on us? Time will tell how nasty and bad they are, at least when the same situation happen we are prepared to face it.

I strongly agree with you mamamrazzi :D

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