Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thought of the day

Living in this life journey there are two Important thing
 that you’ve got to figure out by yourself 
before you could move on forward. 

Which is finding the answers and solution 
to your 1. WHAT IF and 2. HOW IF.

Life is like a puzzled you’ve just need to find the
right match and the right pairs to make it complete!!

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Erika Lee Sears said...

yes very true :)

mars mell-o said...

Erika Lee Sears: Thanks for reading n comment on my post :)

Taufan Bin Ribut said...

mak kite cakap betul ^_^

Entri terkini : Sayang,bil air dah tertunggak ni.Bile nak bayar(18sx)
Entri sebelum :eh (amacam pendek tak tajuk entri aku)
Watch my video songs ^_^

Sasa Tien said...

what if I choose the wrong path? how if i do like this.. actually we dont have many "if i knew it earlier" , that's y we need to ask ourselves this type of question !

mars mell-o said...

sasa: imagine our age catching up, the many "IF" are waiting to be answers..but's thats the cycle of just need to find their purposed to make life worth living :D..

Small Kucing said...

hi hi i am back :D

how r u?

mars mell-o said...

small kucing: I am fine mamarazzi hehe..long time no see but we see now! :p

Rose Johari said...

and finally just Tawakal and everything will be okay, INSYAALLAH... =)

mars mell-o said...

rose: Insya"ALLAH :D

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