Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Makan kat hokkaido yang tak ada snow

Butter prawns
Shark fin soup never missed even once!!
Siakap 3 rasa
Chicken lemonade
Kangkung belacan
Bamboo ginger
Crab's mee hon fantabulous!!

OK, massage is done neither shopping as well what else, it's makan time leh. He he so we all drive to hokkaido it's somewhere nearby vistana hotel KL just opposite the road actually. Me and my hun like this restoran very much coz first of all they dont served pork and what we like the most about this place is they are fast so you dont need to wait for at least an hour only then you can eat but it is also depends many customer also have to wait then until your turn to get serve right? second is murah, cheap also cheaper now what are you waiting for? need a place to makan and chillax try check out this place some time!!!

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