Thursday, December 30, 2010


Just for YOU!!
At zsa zsa zsu lounge and live band =D
babymilo vs. kitty doll

is my hair look's like a wig no?? because many people thought so, that i'm wearing a wig hair LOL..

Me and my baby Ha ha ha just like kitty doll wherever i go she will follow..
Kat sini lah kitorang beli cake aha!!
my lovely cousins almost 6years we didn't see each other!!
my besty mira pun ada sama memeriahkan suasana ahkirnya jumpa juga dengan dia walaupun baru aje sebulan kami terpisah..

It’s been few days I never have a time to update my blog well first of all I’m not around me, my hun , and also sister we all went to sabah for a visit’s and I am very happy because at last I finally came back there after so long I never have a chances to visit my hometown. I met my cousin’s and also my besty mira we all have a good time there and what makes me really happy is on sharp 12’oclock before the date turn into 27 dec I organize a birthday suprise for my hun and it’s really worked out!! Ha ha ha yeah just a small party I guess at first he probably thought that I have no preparations for his B-day well, well well that’s why we called it a surprise right?

Sweetheart I know you gonna read this happy birthday to you again my wakey-wakey and may all your dreams come true, because I will always be there for you to love you as long as I’m breathing.

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Small Kucing said...

your hair is very beautiful. How I envy you..

mars mell-o said...

thank you mama kucing, i wanna keep it more longer like rapunzel =D

strategicintelligence said...

thank you so much sayang that really make abg surprise... hadiah yg sayang berikan pada abg tu abg suka sgt. sayang since 2009 - 2010 sayang selalu bersama dgn abg celebrated birthday abg so this year sayang jgn buat surprised lagi ye nanti abg gigit sayang.....anyway thank you so much and abg will love you forever and ever muuaahhhhhh

mars mell-o said...

Im glad you like it!! love you too..

SUE AMIERA said...

tp xbez xdpt main tepung......dan xdpt dera mkn....hikhik

mars mell-o said...

hahaha nanti bday mogo i dera ya..air belacan..

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