Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here come RAPUNZEL!!

After watching harry potter we continues to watch another movies guess what movie it is? No other than RAPUNZEL in 3D version.. Awhhh, I like this story so much ever-since I was a kid I read their story books and I'm a fairytale story NO.1 fans LOL

It's a big big bear he he "xoxo"

This is me giving mr.teddy a warm X"MAS huggy huggy goo goo ha ha ha infact I have a huge teddy like this at my bedrooms shhhh...it's a secret don't tell anyone. *grins*

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Small Kucing said...

watching two movies back to back? salute!

mars mell-o said...

hehe yeah... two movies at the same day.. =D weird huh.. but its fun..

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