Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buffet dinner at KL tower on x'mas eve

KL tower beautiful no?? it takes almost 58 seconds to reach on top there by lift awwh so fast..
Our table and i can see the whole KL from this spots yeah, it's not the first time i been to this lovely place infact we do this every year on the new year eve too cause it's a very comfy place to relax!!
Oh feel like playing this thing ha ha ha but guess i'm not too old for this yet so doesn't matter of what people is going to say cause i do what i do and what i want nothing can ever stop me from doing yay!!!
Japanese food and soup corner all the food's here are my favorite..
lots..lots..of food too yummy yummy dum dum..
I called this " kuih x'mas tree ha ha ha as you can see it look's like a christmas tree..
Blueberry custard for me yes...only for me cheers LOL
There are lotsa dessert too see it? awhh so colorful..
Champagne and sparkling juice!!

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