Thursday, December 23, 2010

A moment of silence

Sometime I wonder
If we could make It right to the end
Sometime I wonder
If we could kept It last forever
Sometime I wonder 
what am I gonna do without you
Now would you cherish'd me
with your love as much as I loves you
Would you stand by me
and comfort me tender
with your loving and caring
And when I'm down would you'll be
right by my side and tell me 

Baby.. It's alright it's all alright
I'm here for you even heart beat stop
I've promise you that my love for you
will never never stop

Sometime I'm asking myself 
the same stupid question over and over 
Wonder what would happen
If a things are can just suddenly goes wrong
Sometime I'm thinkin' to myself
If you've know how much
do you've meant into my life

But where was you when I'm needin' you
Can't you feel how much It made me suffer inside?
You know what I miss most about us
I miss your smell when you left
I didn't wash the sheet's
cause I didn't want to lose that completely  (YOU)
And it's crying me up for long
time because I would wake up
and I'd smell you and think
you were there and my heart
would break all over again..

ZJ mars mell-o

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