Saturday, February 19, 2011

To whom it may concerned:

Is there any ways to stop a copycat from copying others people work?

Unless we change the blog setting into private access but that is an another story cause I cannot keep my blog into a private access blog. I have my reader’s outside there from somewhere in the other side of the globe and I must keep the blog visible else my friends from other’s country will be sad and angry at me.

Now I have one slight question here and it sound like this.

Q1: can you like or fall for someone which at the beginning of the friendship
they are not truly being honest to you about themselves?

A: For sure not and you don't right? It’s hard to like someone who is a completely liars.

Q2: can you like or fall inlove with someone who is like a sister/brother to you?

A: Honestly I cannot, even if they are not my true blood spouse or so, I still can’t seriously how can I love someone who call me sis? It’s doesn’t sound logic at all. 

  1. Stop haunting (her) you cant love someone who is already inlove and belong to someone else.
  2. Stop hoping for something that is impossible to happened it only make your heart pain let the memory of the past go away for there is no reason to live behind the shadow.
  3. Stop fooling around with other's people life and try not messing up with problem's cause not all people can tolerate there is a limit to everything.
  4. Have a self-respect if you want others to respect you learn how to put respect on yourself first.
  5. My advice is the best way is to stepped backward forget his/her and move on.


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