Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, pyaar, cinta ,amor

Is it true? they say when you fall in love everything turned just so perfect even the pounding of your heartbeat they become all worth it. Love, pyaar, cinta , amor although this words are sometime pronounce in a different form of language but all this words share only one same meaning that each and every one of us probably tell or say the same word’s almost everyday to their very own beloved person. But how many of you out there who know and truly understood what love is, and what love is all about?

Because there are millions who don’t know and some of them perhaps doesn't have an any idea or clue on how to answer this one simple question yeah mostly not until when what they have in their grasp had finally slipped from their lives just like a quick-silver and they define what true loves mean when only it is pain until the end.

Hmmm have you ever try asking yourself this? why do you love and fall for someone and if at the end of the tale there's always one has to wave their hands then say “sayonara”..? and the only thing that is left behind for you is a heartbreak and the remaining hatred cause even if the pain goes away but the marks of the scar will always stay and sticked there with you fresh and newly wounded just like yesterday.

LOVE and LIFE  both are like a mirrors for these two words thus reflect into each other. They brings happiness to us and also paint more colors in our everyday and journey of our lives cause without love there is no life and without life, love has never even been born. Could love exist without life? and so can life exist without love? I’m very sure that you know the answer for this question even the kinder-garden kid's know the answer to this question too!!

Ha-ha **add some laugh** don't be so serious ok? chill.

We all can share and expressed our love and feeling’s to someone in many ways which is appropriate and you don’t need to wait and keep it until the valentines day does finally come right and only then you will start telling them about how much you care and love them? cause to me we can show love everyday even it is on Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday or what days it is that's do not matter cause what is really count in there is when you love someone make sure you truly mean it from your heart don't say "I LOVE YOU" if you never meant the word's you say.

Don't give an empty false hope and promises that you cannot fulfill cause time awaits for no one and it hurt like crap hoping for something that eventually at the end of the day it was not meant to be yours!! It's probably easy for those who hurt a person but not for the one who get the pain and fall out victim cause when you love someone what you must do is try to keep them happy and paint some smile on their face let them know and help them realize that even how worst things could get sometime they still have you with them and they are not alone for you will always be there for them.

Always remember this thought as lesson we've learned from each other because love is not a kind of game that when you lose the only thing you have to do is pressing the restart button and resume it again cause it is not gonna happen not even in dreams once it’s over everything must come into an end. Because love is fragile , untouchable yet easy comes and also easy goes. At one moment it comes all around you and surrounded you just like a butterflies silently and then suddenly it stood still on your shoulder but then at the other minute it’s just flew away from your sight right before you have notice it and without you realize that you've just missed the chances to see it's hidden beauty and there it’s in your life you would be lost and empty without it.

For me the real meaning of love is to “LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL” to “SHARE” to “GIVE” to “RESPECT” to Be KIND to all and never ending help to whom in need. To fall in love is a natural thing even if thing's sometime don't turn out the way we want it to be, but we should never give up and stop trying or lose hope cause there is a happy ending out there for us even at times it's just not always happen on how we plan it to be - but I know we all have one “LOVE”.

Yes it’s mystical to fall and care for someone who is a complete stranger but that’s the magic of love that’s the law of attraction.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.


Mars Mell-o said...

thanks for reading !!! =)

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