Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stupid people make me laugh!!

Alright here it goes upmh' before of anything else first of all i wanna start this entry with my evil laugh testing one, two,three HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!! 

But wait a minute let me explain it here why am i laughing so evil like I'm gonna murder a person with this way of laughing. Well, i saw something at my shoutbox and i really don't like what i see because there is a stupid donkey saying that i am his "mylove" what the heck!!!! how dare you to call me your lover?? I don't even know who you are and one more thing this donkey also saying that i am frustrated. I guess the stupid donkey thought that the previous BM entry i posted is something that must've related to myself situation.

Hello, Hello, Hello stupid donkey It's just  a poetry "tak ada kena mengena pun dengan yang hidup atau dah mampus" one more thing i tak pernah pun chat dengan you kat FB tu not even one time!!!

Ko ni memang gila kot budak yang dah terancat akal..??

Only people with FISH BRAINS do this kind of shit!!  

Ada satu lagi benda i nak cakap aku memang suka menulis tapi tak semestinya apa yang i tulis tu berkaitan dengan hidup i sendiri. SO, jangan sesekali kata i frustrated sebab nak buat my BF sakit hati?? Just to let you know that i am happy with my relationship and your dumb shit fire is not gonna work because i'm not a stupid donkey as you!!

SO stay away from me before my temper burst OUT!!!! cause I guarantee you this that I can track you down so easily anytime I want.

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